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Actions & Campaigns

We Stand Against Discrimination

1. Contact 5 businesses in your area and ask them to pledge not to refuse service based on vaccine status. They can sign the Business Equality Pledge here.

2. Download and print the Business Non Discrimination Proclamation and ask businesses to post at their establishment.

3. See the list of businesses who have taken the pledge. Give them your business and thank them for standing up against discrimination.

4. Sign the Citizens Petition Against Discrimination Based on Vaccine Status

Join the Team


ReOpen San Diego has regular events and meetings. Typically, these include featured speakers, much needed time for community socializing, food, drinks, and sometimes music and activities for kids. Most importantly, we strategize how to fully reopen San Diego’s businesses, schools and houses of worship for all, with no vaccine or mask requirements, and how to prevent arbitrary lockdowns and unfair regulations from ever happening again.


ReOpen SD also hosts larger events, protests, and rallies. Have an idea for an upcoming event? Let us know! Additionally, ReOpen SD fundraises for legal actions and provides support and resources for businesses who won’t stand for health discrimination, vaccine verification, lockdowns, or ever-changing regulations. We reach out to our elected officials to advocate for our rights and demand accountability and adherence to the law. We use the media and outreach to create community, inspire people, and give them a way to take action, because there is strength in numbers. We let people know that there IS hope. There IS another way.

If you or your business is feeling the pain of unlawful intrusion into your medical information, how you run your business, or your ability to work or go to school, check out our Resources page for ways you can stand up for your rights.

Stand with ReOpen San Diego!
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