Petition Against Discrimination in San Diego County Based On Vaccine Status

We, the undersigned citizens of San Diego County, California, declare our resounding opposition to any government mandate or business restriction that would require California residents to take a COVID vaccination or show proof of vaccination to travel, receive services, or enter into businesses or public spaces.

We believe these requirements are a direct violation of the human and constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens and it is simply wrong and unethical to discriminate against people because of their personal medical decisions.

We ask that California State, County, and City officials immediately sign an executive order prohibiting COVID vaccination as a requirement to do normal and essential things, like earning a living, getting an education, traveling, entering public spaces, going to a concert, eating in a restaurant, or buying food in a grocery store regardless of vaccine status.  

We also ask all businesses and government agencies not to check vaccine status or request proof of vaccination as a condition of service or employment.  

As citizens and business owners, we will not consent to or follow these types of arbitrary regulations and discriminatory practices.   

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Zeamora Pablo
Jennifer FelixI'm opposed to vaccine apartheid. The mandates and vaccination passports neither recognize natural immunity nor that fact that vaccinated people are transmitting the omicron variant in San Diego right now. They are irrational, non-scientific, and unethical.
Kris Morse
Brenda Ahearn
JB Preato
Dennis Preato
Teagen McClainPeople's medical decisions and conditions should remain confidential and should not be used against them. No to vaccine passports, testing and 'verification'.
Chris StergerLiberty
Penny JohnsonA person sure have the choice what grows in their body, and how they want to treat any growth within their own bodies. What goes on within someones body should be up to them and their doctors only. Horrible things can happen when people have to seek out their own treatments.
Sara ClarkeWill not comply - ever!
Marsue Evans
Julie Ovando"The Ordinance and Plan violate the City Charter by adding qualifications for candidates for elected office and public participation. Article XIV, Section 216.1, of the City of San Diego Charter provides for broad and open access to the government, giving the people the right to instruct their representatives, to petition the government for redress of grievances, and to assemble freely to consult for the common good, as well as the right of open access to meetings of public bodies. The Ordinance and the Plan violate the provision that "guarantees that a person may not be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, or denied equal protection of the laws." (City of San Diego Charter, Art. XIV, Sec. 216.1(a) and (b), subs. (1)-(4).)
Tom ApplegateJust say 'No' to mandates. Support peaceful, civil disobidience.
Daniel Shipps
Nelson ThomasI would like to see our elected leaders wake up to the science, which is not on their side. Research the evidence presented by credible experts such as Dr. Peter McCoullough, who says that the vaccines are dangerous and currently causing widespread harm to young people (he is one of hte most credentialed experts and most published authors in his field). Also, Dr. Yeadon, former vice president of Pfizer, an allergy and respiratory researcher, also agrees and says the vaccines should be halted for everyone. On top of this issue is the idea that mandates would ever be legal on this scale an in such circumstances, which cannot be supported and why Biden's mandates have been stuck down by lower courts. On medical, legal and ethical principles, the vaccine mandates are an egregious violation.
Samantha B
Tyler VillaThe unconstitutional encroachment onto our freedoms must end.
Jessica Kunsman
Carmen PinedaIt's enough these mandates are invasive. I don't care of anyone's medical status. Almost 2 years already. No more "comply or else". We are all a live and struggling more than ever. Stop it already!
Miriam Gilson L.Ac.Thank you for doing this!!!!
Kaitlin EndresParalyzed from the vaccine, relearned to walk. Please don’t paralyze others in the name of “safety”.
Margaret Calvani
Heidi CasaleI have had enough. I do my due diligence and this is ridiculous. I will not comply.
sarah ames
Beth CalvertStop the mandates!
Maryann Rose
S RFollow the actual science, not corrupt lying bureaucrats. Long live the USA and long live freedom.
Jose DiazI appreciate everything your organization is doing.I cant believe the things these local politicians are subjecting to !Absurd Mask mandates.
Lauren SmithThese laws are getting crazy. Only. 08% for driving, come on my car self breaks. And I can't even smoke in a restaurant & bars any more. People should have the freedom to live their lives.
Ashley Hollinger
Mary Harris
Erin McKee
Celina GarciaWe Have a Constitutional Right, Never Forget! We are Against Vaccine Mandates!!!
gerald Lane
Nancy St GermainStop with the mandates. We are free sovereign beings. God given. I will never comply. You will be ousted. You work for the people.
Monika Baker
S Lowe
Shannon Yarnall
Chris GulveThanks for setting all these protests up. To hear that one has to be vaccinated to run for city council is unconstitutional. Do you plan on starting lawsuits?
Cristina OrtegaIt is a shame that it has come down to segregating people because of their medical choices. Any type of segregation in my opinion is awful and evil.
Russell CampbellFreedom is the greater good.
val vitols
Roy CookThank you all for speaking up - speaking out - speaking with us & not at us.
Jill Maxfield
S McCoolThis is what I emailed each city council member and the Mayor: I wonder how many on the city council have had their 3 Hepatitis A shots (like I did). I wonder how many of you responsibly get a DTaP every 10 years. Do you know how many healthy babies (0-12 months) die each year b/c irresponsible adults are not getting that pertussis (whooping cough) immunization thru the DTaP every 10 years? Can't even find any stats on healthy babies who have died from Covid. Being in close contact w/people out in the community means all city employees are much more susceptible to Hepatitis A, which is far worse to get than Covid. I wonder if anyone on the city council and their staffers have had the 3 Hep A shots? This whole issue of requiring the Covid vaccine for city employees is absurd. EVERY adult I know who has actually contracted Covid since July (including myself) was vaccinated! Every one of them! I can count on 2 hands right now all the people I know who have had it since September. Everyone is going to get it...don't you see this? You are fighting something that cannot be fought. And, if you vote for the mandate you will be responsible for the extra crime or slower medical help that will happen when the police cannot get to fast enough or EMTs/fire dept cannot get to you quickly enough b/c they are short on staff. We have just entered fire season as well. You sure you want to do that to us in the middle of fire season?
Jake GilbertCompletely opposed to vaccine mandates.
Jennie MarzoAbsolutely against any vaccine mandate.
Joel SlaughterStop the mandates. Lead from the front, let individuals make decisions for themselves and their families. Thanks for your consideration. Yours in unity Joel
Judith Hernandez
Joseph Gallucci
LORI WESTPlease stop violating our Constitutional rights
Kathy Stanewich
Jesse Thomas
Connie SponheimNO ONE has jurisdiction over my body.. I will fight unceasingly for this God given Right...
janice mcdowellI will be terminated the first of Dec for not getting genetic therapy (ie the covid vax)
Kathy Stanewich
Michelle LygaNo vaccine mandates. No mask mandates for kids for sure.
Kat SwiftOSHA and the 5th Court of Appeals have suspended the president's vaccine mandates. In its opinion, "The court said the mandate "exposes [petitioners] to severe financial risk" and "threatens to decimate their workforces (and business prospects). The mandate is staggeringly overbroad," the opinion said adding that the vaccine mandate "raises serious constitutional concerns" and "likely exceeds the federal government’s authority." "The mandate is a one-size-fits-all sledgehammer that makes hardly any attempt to account for differences in workplaces (and workers)," Circuit Court Judge Kurt Engelhardt wrote for the panel."
jan koontzI am a tenured professor at Southwestern College. I was met by armed police and threatened with arrest for "trespassing" when I showed up to do my contractual face-to-face teaching; I was told my job was contingent on me disclosing my medical history and/or my religious beliefs. I do not have a mobile phone and I refused to be tracked. . . as a result I was terminated and my Union did nothing to stop it. I HAVE THE POLICE BODY CAM FOOTAGE. . . I WANT TO POST IT SOMEWHERE.
Stormie Tietje
Robin DawsonI believe in medical freedom. You're not better than me because you got a shot. You can still spread this. Are you going to standby while your colleagues are shamed and discriminated against? Are you going to allow the State to force mommies to put an experimental drug into their children? What's next? Do we have to wear armbands in public to show our status? DO THE RIGHT THING.
Marie KrumviedaGovernment needs to stop dividing our country with racism and trial vaccines. America is a free country where we have the right to say what goes in our body.
Diane SparksNo vaccine mandates! No mask mandates in schools. Save the jobs of our 1st Responders!
Greg Newell
Janice Newell
Victoria Savaiinaea
Ernest SumnerMy Body, My Choice.
Gabrielle A
Rosa Zapata
Marcella Wergin
Kristopher Garrett
Vivian CarrilloI am opposed to mandates, where there is a risk, there should be a choice!
Brenda Dale
B. Mann EsparzaI’m a proud third-generation San Diegan, let’s not succumb to tyranny and discrimination!
Victoria Roizen
R HoggattI am basing my opinion & decisions after reading CDC & all available scientific data available & because of the undisclosed data denied from the public by CDC, Big Pharma, Google, Facebook, State of California & general corporate broadcast & internet "news" and additionaly based on historical evidence.
April Adler
Kathleen Rose
Amanda Griser
Michelle Yamamoto
Julie Bennett
Curtis Young
Yazmin Salamanca
Isai SalamancaI strongly believe in Natural immunity & the fact that the CDC chooses to ignore the overwhelming scientific evidence is disturbing. "If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." Thomas Jefferson
Ian Galbraith
Marin MarinovNo vaccine mandates! No masks requirement for the kids at school! Stop the fearmongering!
C ClarkI applaud your efforts to assure our vaccine choice be protected. One also needs to be aware of Senator Dianne Feinstein's "U.S. Air Travel Public Safety Act" and H.R. 4980 act submitted by Rep. Ritchie Torres. These will restrict air and train travel between states without vaccine or negative covid test.
Lynda CoffmanVaccine discrimination is senseless for those with anti-bodies, or those who choose a religious or health exemption!
Alexandra Motz
Katy EatonI thought we reopened in June. Stop bullying and don’t discriminate against people who choose not to vaccinate.
Carolee WilliamsI am standing up for the freedom to choose. I strongly reject this illegal assualt on my constitutional rights. Speaking out is the only way to fight back !
Kevin Huyser
Lisa Sadowski
Damaris Trevizo
Alicia Fairbanks
Kathleen CarrI strongly oppose any and all vaccine mandates. I personally do not trust that the current vaccines for Cov-19 are safe and efficacious. I personally do not need or want the vaccine. I will never forfeit my personal right to choose what is put into my body or my children. Vaccine mandates are immoral, cruel, injust, illegal and unAmerican.
Debbie Brugman
Gary WeglarzIt is clear that mandating dangerous experimental "vaccines" has always been the agenda, rather than any concern for public health.
Wendi Kerr-Grayson
Sherry DollarhideLet’s take back San Diego for ALL people and future generations! Stop the Social/Medical Apartheid movement!! We the PEOPLE stand for FREEDOM!!!
maria crispiKMSF-DB radio is available
Robert Healy
Kristi NelsonIs there a teacher group
Teresa EllisonStop the unconstitutional mandates that are illegal. This is madness. We are citizens of the United States of America. Where we will continue to live and die FREE.
Kristina CollinsThis is a total violation of our civil rights! It's unethical, illegal and unconstitutional! And anyone who really thinks all this is still about health and safety is an absolute fool! 🤡🤡
Denise Bowdler
April Adler
Maureen Woods
Krista ThornWhere there is risk there must be choice! No one's livelihood should be threatened because of personal or religious beliefs. This ends when we say it does; REOPEN SAN DIEGO FOR ALL!
chloe johnston
Candace Hernandez
Ryan RogersThe only reason to mandate a vaccine is to prevent the spread of disease. We know the Covid vaccines do not prevent transmission. Therefore, mandating the Covid vaccine is purely discrimination.
Donna Renick
Leslie Sellers
Kerrstyn Cole
Norman Cervantes
Mike SchaeferI learned of your group last night on the World Prayer Network. Praise God for your stand. I am with you on this.
Theresa SturkieThis is government over reach. Keep our freedoms protected by the US Constitution.
Vanessa Peraza VirissimoOur children our choice.
Rita Yelda
Sarah Stephens
Noor LouisI am not vaccinated and I need to be vaccinated in order to go to college. I don’t wanna take the vaccine
Bruce Thompson
Mary Walker
Kristie Thomas
Eva KStop forcing MANDATES on us and on our children we need Freedom we need to live normal life again. No Vaccine No Mandates!!
Michelle Elliott
Michelle Elliott
Ashley Jogoleff
Cynthia SandersThis is so wrong we have rights and to be forced to get the Jab or have to show proof is against your RIGHTS and our FREEDOMS!
Ernesto Ochoa
Eric McConnellA forced vaccine mandate threatening to terminate jobs because of non-compliance is illegal and unconstitutional. The untested and experimental vaccines have proven to be problematic- resulting in severe illness and death in many. This can be confirmed by VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) with the CDC. We will not allow a CCP-style authoritarian government to force any of us to submit to this fear-driven imposition on our basic rights and freedoms.
Amy Roberts
Anna KupelianWe need to stand up for our freedom and our kids future
Heath Cole
Kelton BajoThank you for what you do
Doug Marshall
Rita Sanford
Barbara Chatelain
Jane Grant
Gabriel Le Blanc
Brenda ShawI am so tired of sitting and doing nothing other than get upset everyday when I read and listen to the news about our country going down the totalitarian route. Even my work just said today that “we may need to go to a vaccine mandate or lose our job”. We need to stand up!
Monica OsorioI work for Sweetwater Union High School and they are pushing everyone to get vaccinated or get weekly Covid tested. I do not agree that they want to eventually enforce this to everyone. This should be optional. We should not be repeating history.
Erika Miller
Gabriel Garcia
Margaret Baird
Brenda Y
Thomas Flach"If a law is unjust a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so". Now they want to mandate this vaccine for my kids! Enough is Enough. This tyranical power move must come to an end. I'm all in, whatever is needed!
Tiresia KlieglCalifornia Teachers Pension and Retirement has 12 million shares in Pfizer. This could be the reason for the vaccine push. Does this violate RICO?
Mary CaponeI oppose ANY OR ALL kind of vaccine and masking mandates. It is NOT the role of the federal or state governments to dictate which medical interventions are imposed on our individual beings! I DO NOT GIVE CONSENT! My body/my choice! If further steps are needed, I will be ready and willing to act as required!
Christopher Koroly
Kristen DeMassimo
Eric Richter
Susan WulffCoercion of a medical procedure that lowers severity of symptoms of COVID-19 is unacceptable. Non of the COVID-19 injections eradicate the virus COVID-19.
Linda ScottVaccine mandate for a leaky vaccine that doesn't stop transmission is unscientific--and unconstitutional.
David ForgyAgainst all forced vaccines mandates especially in San Diego schools.
sean jacoby
Verona Joseph
David Wyatt
Candace Kienitz
Sandra Hutchinson
Katrina WyattAnything we put in our bodies needs to be optional! It is unconstitutional for the government to be in charge of how Americans care for their bodies and their health.
Michael Kominsky
Melanee Thys
Debra FisherWe need to stand for American values now before they slip away! It is unbelievable that government is considering this! We can't stand by and watch the American Dream become a nightmare for most and a power trip for the elite.
Karen GarciaI am against discrimination and this is discrimination to the max. Mandating vaccines and vaccine passports will only create a world of the haves and have nots. I am against all mandates. We have to stand up against tyranny.
Sarah Word
Erika Moon
Michael SzuchNobody - ESPECIALLY the government has any legal, moral or ethical right to force me to inject anything into my body without my consent.
Paul White
David Jobe
Debbie Jobe
Amanda Barto
Stephanie VasquezWe have the right to choose what we put inside our own bodies!
Tiffany VanceMandating people give any medical information out is a violation of privacy and the Americans rights. Mandatory vaccinations and masks, vaccine passports are unconstitutional and violate many laws/rights. Its discrimination to fire people because of their beliefs and choices. My body my choice has been one of the biggest arguments for years, how dare the government use it only when it fits their agenda. The government is supposed to uphold the law and work for the American people but what they are doing is pushing their own agends and filling their pockets. They are all about themselves.
Jack BainSic semper tyrannis
Deborah DiazI am a free person who does not condon to tyrannical mandates that are mere suggestions. My body my choice. My private medical status is nobody's business. My liberty will not be infringed upon. I will not comply.
Tawna Cano
Michael HarrisEnough is enough. People should decide for themselves. Not be forced to do what you want us to do. If you do not stop this you will be looking for new jobs
Chad AlvarezMy child’s body my choice.
Jenifer Harkness
Adriana AndradeMy body, my choice!
Alex NguyenWe the People have the right and power to resist tyranny! Stand together!
Carlos Reyes
Mike Shirey ShireyParticipation in society should not be contingent upon forced compliance to regulations instituted using authoritarian and dictatorial methods.
Sal SardinaRecall Gavin
Alexander DabneyTrading liberty for safety is always a dicey prospect, this has gone to far already.
Marta Brandes-Miesner
Rebecca Cassady
Sarah WoronieckiI want to join the good citizens who are standing up against unlawful mandates.
Alicia GibsonThanks for your advocacy!
Glen CotantI believe the United States of America is a free country with freedoms that were hard fought by patriotic countrymen in years gone by. I believe that there are people in government and private sectors funding them that would try to take away our freedoms. God Bless America and the constitution and Bill of Rights.
Giovanna De La Rosa
Janet CollinsMy body my choice , its goes against everything that this country was built on . Those shots are not safe , those masks does nothing to protect you . Our we turning into a communist country ,where they are trying to control us .we must stand and fight this together .
Humberto Donate
Eileen Salvaggio
James Szemett
Albert AdameRecall fletcher!!
Mason Chaboya
Raven XThe more people who consent to being babysat by the government, the more we will be treated like infants with no autonomy or freedom to make our own choices. The two strings the puppet masters use are Fear and Distrust; one makes people rely on government to tell them what to do and who to fear, and the other makes them turn against anyone who doesn't cower to the same threats. Don't play the same game. Let's empower our neighbors by showing them examples of healthy, bold, active individuals who can - and will - act and think independently.
Linda PachecoStop forcing vaccines on the people!
Rene Buzo
Michelle VaughtPlease notify me of any rallies recalls I am against mandates and keeping us in tyranny I’m frighten for my family
Therese KohanowichI am vaccinated but strongly disagree with certain ideas being floated that we need to show proof of that to enter businesses or travel on planes and trains.
Angelina Hodges
Anthony Romano
Pascal Imperato
Daniel Rice
karen williamsI would appreciate any updates. I know lots of false FACTS with proof from our (representatives???) Vaccines usually take 10 years to develop. 1955 polio TRIAL vaccine was stopped after 5 kids died AFTER 10 years research and development. So 17 months experimental vaccine for covid19??? In 17 months been experimental, emergency use and now just very recent got FDA approval. Not a comfort to many times FDA approve to later say oh sorry red dye causes cancer. The vaccine is being shoved down throats. So I believe the government and there cronies need to admit they have been researching covid19 for longer (admitting lies)or they are using innocent/scared people as lab rats!!! By the way as of June 2021 over 1400 people have died from covid19 that were FULLY vaccinated. Would love to hear their response to that. Serology test only good for unvaccinated no symptoms test for antibodies. So where they even getting numbers for vaccinated antibody count??? I am 54 years old and have always loved school...history. wonder if people know viruses can't be cured only comforted. Hope they know now instead of letting it evolve naturally its been manipulated and will be just another booster every year like flu shot. Another shot they will guess what the make up should be. Worst pandemic in modern history Spanish flu. So how long did it last...started 1918 ended summer 1919. Yes lots died...but was over. Lots have died from covid19 but this will be a word that will be with us, our kids, grandkids...etc. for our lifetime. Transient strains will continue because now there is a strain that evolved naturally, people with only partial vaccination, fully vaccinated x2 Moderna and fizor. The ones that mixed tha latter 2 and J&J. So the vaccines are all different...the variants will continue to mutate. IE: Like if these to people talk to two people and they each talk to two people...etc. Thank you GOD BLESS Karen
Arturo Barajas
Jacob Heaton
Elanna Butler
Alicia GarciaPlease start a movement to stop the tyrannical medical fascism invading our country. It's important people know about the covid deaths and awful disabilities resulting from the injection: and 1000covid stories websites
Megan Rock
Octavio HerreraLast year I became Amrican citizen. Never did I feel so proud as then. Citizen of the land of liberty, the teaching of our founder fathers, our contitution and our bill of rights. Amazingly the year I became citizen, dark forces seem to be in play to deconstruct our republic and our democratic system. I now recognize my responsibilities to stand for our values that are threatened. We ought so much to america that we cannot let her down.
Janice BattenThank you!
Douglas Smith
Carly Smith
Claudia AlcazarFreedom
Gaetane HaynesMy body my choice.
Melanie Moyer
Cristina HernandezI wholeheartedly oppose this and will never accept any such measures!
Jeffrey Anderson
Eileen Anderson
Steven Bergman
Angela Bergman
Arlene Robinson
Whitney Wilkinson
James StubbsThe California gestapo of “show your papers” has to stop!
Heather Beyer
Ricardo MeraWhere is the scientific proof that covid vaccines are effective? Corona virus mutates just as the flu virus, hence, the best we get is an outdated and worthless flu vaccine yearly. Yet, all of the sudden, scientist's were able to make an effective covid vaccine? How is this possible? Where is the scientific evidence? Making extraordinary claims is easy. Just by stating we have the technology to place a man on the surface of Jupter, dies not make it true.
Norma Ortiz
D. Carl Federici
Susie HernandezWe need our medical freedom to be protected. This is America! Our government does not coparent with me.
Angelina Elliott
MaryAnn FowlerStop trampling on our Constitutional rights!
Maria SantosRegistered nurse here standing against medical apartheid. We are losing more good people daily physically and mentally because of these unjust mandates which does not align with our Constitutional rights and God given freedom. We need to stand together as one against the agenda to “divide and conquer” us for United We Stand, we are a force to be reckoned with. Let’s do this for us, for our state and country and for the future of our children.
Pamela Orr Orr
Brandon WilliamsMask and vaccine mandates are not about health and science. Healthy lifestyles need to be promoted instead. Obesity related illnesses kill more people and cost the tax payers way more but nothing is being done to promote good health during this time. If the goal is public health then the solution is exercise and nutrition.
Kelsey Doran
Noemi WheelerWe the people of American cetizen of this country we have the first Amendment rights to refuse any vaccines it’s our life and Government should to respect individuals decisions as our constitution and government can offer not to mandate they should respect everyone respect .
Diane Czajkowski
G HI agree with you. It's total discrimination and a violation of our constitutional rights!
Ondrej Libiger
Cabri Etzler
John Gonzalez
Jean Federici
Scott ChristieThis is unconstitutional.
Martha ChristieThis is unconstitutional.
Colette PerezI am adamantly opposed to a vaccine passport. This is discrimination pure and simple! We will not stand for this blatant disregard for our Constitution and civil rights.
Steven VanderstyneGovernment should not be involved in the medical decisions of its citizens. I am a veteran that fought for that freedom. Don’t tread on the freedom I fought for.
Rita SanfordNo Vaccine Passport! Medical privacy is my personal right.
Diana SmithEvery business is essential to the owners and people who work there. Keep America FREE
Graciela Ortega
Andrea Carreon
Dana Saraceno
Jennifer Stamour
Laura StepienWe know who the at-risk population is for Covid hospitalization. We have no idea who is at-risk of an adverse reaction to these vaccines, and some people are dying. The legislature is totally irresponsible!
Adam GebeauHow many boosters will it take before we realize vaccination/vaccine mandates are not a viable solution to this crisis? How many boosters will you take before you stop to ask, 'What's in it anyway?' Wake up San Diego!
Lauren Marsh
Kevin LaBarbera
Kim Storey LaBarbera
Iris Flores
Larry CzokaI do not need nor do I want a vaccine for the common cold. It’s my body, it’s my choice not yours.
Theodore Barkley
Andrea Barkley
Lora Norman
Francis Li
Tracy Garcia
Arie Spangler
Mariannel Houle
Heather BrechtTOTAL DISCRIMINATION!! I am for MEDICAL FREEDOM!! This experimental vaccination is another form of crimes against humanity. Genocide! Our bodies can heal themselves naturally with a healthy lifestyle. Government is not looking out for our best interest. It’s all about big pharma profits & government control. RESEARCH & stop listening to propaganda…… TAKE BACK YOUR FREEDOMS! BEWARE! My son was told at school yesterday that students 12+ can choose to vaccinate without parent consent! Parents!!! ... Talk to your kids about the dangers of the Jab!
Fernando Rincon
Cele S
S Rouston
Samantha Powell
Kellie Dungan
Gabriela CarrilloEveryone should be able to have a choice! We deserve to free to decide.
Malory McDonald
Rosa Zapata
Adela ValdezI support personal choice. No one should be losing their job over a vaccine.
Rebecca Toth
mindi thompsoon
Tony Castillo
Griselda Felix
Sharon Reeve
Timothy WertzVaccine mandates and vaccine passports are a form of medical discrimination and have no place in a free society.
Wes AbernathyMy daughter was pulled out of school for a minimum of 6 days to quarantine and has to come back with a negative test result because somebody she was "close to" got covid. But kids with the vaccine don't have to leave at all. Not happy at all about this as she had a difficult time last year with online learning. And now she's been back at school for 8 days and is being pulled out when she doesn't have any symptoms or anything else. Ridiculous
Lana Barry
Sarah Feuerborn
Eliel Hodge
Jenna Bisesi
Francisco Zamudio
Sandra Ramirez
Angelito v Hodge jr
Debbie JobeGod Bless America!
Alex Ritola
Kelly Jobe
Scott McDonald
Janet McDonald
Amy HardwickI will move out of state if San Diego does this.
Dustin Church
Karen Ryan
Anthony Cline
Michael Lomenick
Diana BPlease help stop this madness. 🙏🏾🙏🏼🙏🏿🙏🏻
Arturo Cardenas
Victor F. Hernandez Sanchez
Adam CatronioMedical tyranny is not an option.
Anne Woods
Lucy Vasquez
Luz Angulo
Rebecca Schreiber
Nancy HallHippa laws prevent anyone from asking for &/or requiring any of your personal health information.
Courtney vanTol
Bethany vantol
Ryan Stayer
Lynn Fout
Sara Aguayo
Graciela Ortega
Jesus Soltero
Rachel PeeblesMedical freedom is a human right
Leticia Donate
Gina Donate
Nadine PerezPlease don’t take away our freedom to choose,
Michele Wright
Humberto Donate
Julia SmithPlease let this happen.
D BThis is a plandemic/scamdemic please share this far and wide this needs to stop now. May the most high give us wisdom,guidance and protection....and so it is! 😇🙏❤️
Michael WatersThere are many ways to protect yourself from covid. It should always be your choice of which method you prefer.
Meaghan Cooley
Patrice Steward
Jamie Howell
Courtney TropperUnited we stand, divided we fall! This is 100% unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Sincerely, Liberty Lover
Jennifer Pingel
Jenna F
Rebecca HaberMedical Mandates Of Any Kind Do Not Belong In A Free Society. Our Medical Status Is No Bodys Business.
Michelle Dyke
Laura Ballard
Antoinette Aceves
Wendy Sattam
Lisa Melaney
Cherilyn PierroI worked my ass off in the hospital during the “Covid crisis”& called a hero. Now I cannot get a job bc I won’t comply ?
Megan MilksLosing our healthcare employees, fire, police, and construction workforce will be devastating to our already struggling economy. Give these employees the respect they’ve earned to make responsible choices for their bodies, their families, and the community they love and serve.
Nora MurphyI wholeheartedly agree with the statements above and do not agree to the new form of segregation and control that government is proposing. The USA was founded on principles of freedom.
Eileen SanchezNo yellow stars. Stop dividing and stop the discrimination
Viet Nguyen
Cassandra MilehamLet freedom ring!
Anne Walker
Christina FasigIt is wrong to discriminate against someone due to their medical status. What about those who cannot get vaccinated due to medical or religious reasons? How about those with natural immunity? How often do you have to get vaccinated? Are we going to start having people with HIV disclose that as well?
Suzanne PearmanThe Constitution is clear and it is your sworn obligation to uphold it. It does not GIVE us our rights, they were given to us by God our creator. It PROTECTS those rights. If you are not doing your job, you will be voted out. We the People have had enough!
Troy NicholsKeep up the great work!
Matt Nesbitt
Mario DesideriUltimately, the CA. Legislature should enact legislation prohibiting anyone from having to take a COVID vaccination or show proof of vaccination in order to travel, receive services, or enter into any businesses or public spaces.
Scott Obrien
Kristen Haisan
Daryle Heard
Heather Heggie
Jessica Moller
Erick Wong
MICHAEL SANFILIPPOAs an American Citizens we have these inalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution. The right to travel freely throughout the United States without having to show documents. We have the right to make informed decisions for our bodies and that of our children. Hippa law states we have privacy over our medical records. We the people votes you in and we can vote you out. The only documents i need is the constitution. We the people have spoken, we are done with your fake science and puppet media.
Christina Barber
Mimi CrandallThis is all about our rights and freedoms. If you are going to stop the unvaccinated then you have mustnot allow abortions, obesity, smoking, venereal diseases. And where has Hippa disappeared to??
Lourdes Hinojosa
Dawn D'Andres
Angela Bravo
Leonardo Bravo
Kelly Viar
Ashley Mason
LtCol Kevin KellyThis is America. I’m a 25 year combat veteran. Start acting like you deserve your freedom. It was paid for by far better men and women than those now acting like tyrants. Fight back and remove those who would dare to destroy it!
Amy KnowlesMy VACCINATED son got COVID from his VACCINATED coworker. (Positive tests and all) and then brought it home to his 7 year old sister, me, and his VACCINATED Father. Mandatory vaccines is a civil liberties violation AND my household alone is proof that they don't work or stop the spread. STOP with the mandates
Judith Dufort
Svetlana SowersFighting for our freedom! This is what Americans do!!
Clydeen Moller
Donna Buys
Judy Merkel
Jennifer Kennan
Robin Wilson
Katalin CowanInformed consent is sacrosanct. The Nuremberg code has said as much. These vaccine mandates, coercion and bullying fly in the face of the Nuremberg code which are therefore crimes againt humanity. I vehemently object in the name of basic human rights.
Kathleen Ballou
Erin SchmidtI am not anti-vaccine, but I am pro-choice and pro-freedom
Alison Wolfe
Jeffrey PalaferriLet's go!
Alexandria SchieberPlease recall the events that occured preceding the instatement of HIPAA laws. Do not let this or other inappropriate health discrimination to occur. Vaccine passports are equivalent to medical apartheid, we do not accept these actions in San Diego, California, or the United States. It shall be noted that I do not oppose vaccine use, I am in higher education for immunology and infectious disease, and I believe in medical freedom.
Monica Mullen
Kenneth Mullen
Mary Duntsch
Amy Rodriguez
Mandy Kuehne
Elise Botch
Ted Harelson
Sara CorbettI am losing my job on 10/18/2021 due to my refusal to get vaccinated. I survived COVID and believe in Natural Immunity. I do not consent to these mandates and will not comply.
Natasha Kay-HazouGod bless you for doing this!
Annette Latasa
Shannon DowningThere is not a one size fits all approach to health and it is our right to choose what is best for our bodies. For some it is a physical liability, for others religious, and others have had Covid and have natural immunity. To go against these precepts is tyranny.
Renee Alcobia
Julie Axlund
Shelley Powell
Raisa PisanoGod bless San Diego! God bless the USA!!!
Shannon DowningThere is not a one size fits all approach to health and it is our right to choose what is best for our bodies. For some it is a physical liability, for others religious, and others have had Covid and have natural immunity. To go against these precepts is tyranny.
Beth Knight
Jessica Steinbrenner
Sharon WardSan Diego leading the nation in unity!! That's America!!
Jessica Moller
Shannon Benjamin
Mary Nichols
Konner Dahlberg
David NicholsI am a free American. My body my choice.
Carrie Nichols
Karen Bucher
Clydeen Moller
Jessica Moller
Michelle VicenteFREEDOM to CHOOSE.
Valerie Mahoney
Annabelle Audet-GriffinNO MANDATES
Brittany MartinezAbsolutely NOT!
Matthew MuellerPlease consider how much COVID has been used as a tool for forced societal change and massive redistribution of funds. This needs to end the liberties restored to citizens.
cathy edman
Audrey Webb
Erin SchmidtI am not anti-vaccine, but I am pro-choice and pro-freedom
Lexi Rosene
Rebekah ValdiviaStop the mandate !!! We need our freedom!!
Valerie Mahoney
Adrian Frick
Ashley Mason
Ashley Mason
Marissa Frick
Christine Shade
Serena Angel
kirsten risko
Samuel HoldenI’d like to compare some numbers and first go back to 2017-2018. From July 2017-June 2018 there was a virus that infected a reported 20,833 in SD county and caused 342 deaths which equates to a 1.6% fatality rate. 298 of those were of people aged 65+, 98% of which had underlying conditions (also called co-morbidities) and 35% of those were fully vaccinated. Overall, 96% of those that died had underlying conditions, 33% were fully vaccinated. That’s a recap of one of the worst flu seasons of late. Yet everything was open, economy and job growth booming if you remember, politicians weren’t demanding that business, gyms, travel and churches shut down or clamoring for universal mail-in ballots. People were working and spending and traveling using cheaper gas and energy. No one was even thinking of mandatory mask wearing or mandated vaccinations to save this already compromised population. For this season, from February 14 2020 to August 7 2021, so basically 18 months, SD County reports 305,986 covid positive tests and 3,811 attributed deaths which is a 1.2 % fatality rate. Of those fatalities the average age was 77 and 3,652 of which, or 96%, had underlying conditions. The most-prevalent underlying conditions reported are hypertension, diabetes, cardiac disease and Alzheimer’s disease. For both these seasons, the vast majority of those that tested positive are in the age ranges you’d expect from a society at work - people in their 20s, 30s and 40s, yet they make up a small percentage, comparatively, of folks that suffer serious illness. We also know that a good number of what would be positive cases go un-recorded because the people didn’t bother going to the doctor to be treated or get tested and just rode out the illness so for both seasons we can infer a lesser fatality rate. There is no doubt covid does appear to spread easily but what we know from the numbers is that it is not any more fatal than a flu season that we have learned to live with and take precautions against. People know when they are ill with the flu or a cold or now with possible covid and stay home of their own volition when they can and continue with their lives if they can’t due to circumstance. Many people when they are showing symptoms but have to go in public, and I think rightly, wear a mask out of courtesy to others. I lived in Japan for a time and this was common to see and maybe that practice should be used more in our country. We are being fed this constant stream of fear about rising case numbers alone without the nuanced and enlightening data behind it. In my doctor-informed opinion the message going to all of us and our impressionable kids is that the best and first defense against any illness is to be in and stay in as best physical and mental health as possible, most of which we have the power and ability to improve ourselves. Eating a healthy diet, exercising on a regular basis, not being sedentary, learning about our own immune system and improving it, focusing on the positive things about life. Living in fear of a virus that is a minor threat to the vast majority of our population is in itself a virus. Judging others based on whether they do or don’t get a vaccine or wear a mask or not is a sickness that negatively affects us all and only divides us where we could be at least in agreement on the fact that relatively healthy people, or the vast majority, have nearly the same risk of having serious illness from covid as they do the flu and that most-likely, we will be living with them both from now on. I just ask the board to consider the actual fatality data, demographic data and underlying condition data for both the flu and covid and make decisions based on that and not simply case numbers alone at the behest of pharmaceutical company-backed and squeezed politicians afraid to lose their power and influence.
Robin Gonzales
Cami Carter
Candice Carlon
Teri Steele
Jennifer Kelso
Ashley Loftis
Shaun Pursglove
Candice Carlon
Jonathan Paul
Lauryn Paul
cassie hopsterIf Delta is SOOO bad, why is California willing to fire a quarter of our healthcare workers/Frontline nurses, for making a choice not to get the vax? The jab isn't safe for everybody. People like myself who are TTC , shouldn't get this trial vaccine.
Samuel HoldenVaccines are unnecessary for relatively healthy people, which is the vast majority of the population, based on the fatality and serious illness data. Protect the older and more immunodeficient and educate the public don’t hide behind positive case numbers alone and mandate vaccines that have no long-term side effect or efficacy data yet.
Nycole kitagawaPlease look up the vaers reporting system. It has every report made on Moderna and pfizar adverse reaction that have happened. Iv been doing alot of reasurch on these i have so much proof how bad these r for Humans. This is not like a flu shot or a chix pox shot. The red cross will not allow people to donate plasma if you have taken one of these. Thst shoild worry people. Because plasma is needed to be giving to some patents. My question if when 1976 the swine flu vax killed 53 people they stopped rolling it out. This has killed 12,366 people. 545,337 people have been reported to this sight with reactions bells palsy 4,759 anaphylaxis 3,728 milcarditas /pericarditis they lied about the numbers for milcardis inlarged hearts in teens. 1,381 miscarriages thats just a few i picked to show you there's much more. Somebody has to be able to do something about this. About the Lies. Before this does more damage to more people. You probly think im a crazy person. Im not I have giving all my kids there vaccine iv had mine growing up . This is not the same. Please help get this out.
Lee BaconMy body, MY choice. Adults should each be responsible for their own health. If I choose against the vaccine, and I get COVID-19, that’s on me. No one else is responsible. Let us live our lives.
Amy MarquezI believe everyone should be able to make their own decisions on whether they get vaccinated or not. We still don’t know much about the vaccine and long term effects it might have on younger people or those who want to get pregnant/pregnant.
Kaye SchneiderThis demand to undergo a medical procedure is in violation of the Nuremberg Code. Asking about my medical history violated HIPPA . We must not become nazi- - like. We fought for freedom!
Evelyn PeirsonAny mandate of a medical product is unconstitutional. Consent must be allowed.
Ashley MThis is not nazi Germany, stop trying to emulate it.
Tina Quevedo
Diana OwensI get to decide what I put into my body. No one else. If I want it, I will take it. If I don’t want it, respect that. This is my choice. If I feel sick I will get tested.
Jess Sharp
Amber Lipnitsky
Denise Magnus
Christal DrakeAgainst our constitutional rights. Wrong on so many levels. Cannot mandate an experimental drug on anyone. For that matter everyone has a choice what they put into their bodies. Right to refuse!
Aubree RussellPlease let the people have medical freedom! This is America after all!
Rachel Shira DonskyGod bless you!
Stephanie O’Hare
Cameron SellsShould be a choice just like every other vaccine!
Stacy CharlesWe should all have EQUAL rights and EQUAL access to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Do not create a lower-class citizenship based on medical decisions.
Michele AlexandriaIt is our Divine right as Sovereign Beings to live with free will and free choice as the Divine Creator intended for all of us. We all have a right to choose for our own personal health and wellbeing.
Michael Harkness
Jenifer Harkness
Amy Hartig
Kelly Allen
Paul RizoKeep fighting the good fight
Kim Merziotis
Brian BrittThis entire crime against humanity stops with our small business owners on the front lines dealing with the public. For any business owner who enforce unconstitutional illegal orders, please understand that we will never recover from this attempted takeover of our right to choose as Americans. It is up to you to refuse and do what you know is right.
Bill Valleroy
Jack Farmer
Svetlana Javien
Anna DeLuca
David Williams
Bonnie Pogue
Tanya SnyderI do not consent to shutdowns, masks, vaccines, or vaccine passports. It’s time to turn the table on the Plandemic and of those involved.
Natasha KayPlease stop this discrimination now
Melanie Hansen
Slavica Petrovic
Silvia SerranoAlthough the Socialists-Communists-Marxists-Nazis known now as the 'elites' whom have infiltrated the US for over 100 years in big government, big tech, and big pharma we must remember that freedom is not free. History is repeating itself right before our very eyes. Concentration camps now being installed: CDC Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings PDF:
Clemencia SandovalI do not consent and oppose any government mandate and/or business restriction that would require CA residents to take a COVID vaccination and/or show proof to travel, receive services, or enter into businesses or public spaces.
Yvonne GafaThis is only the beginning. The dictatorship they want is evil.
Stephen ThompsonAs a workplace safety professional I support ReOpen San Diego!
Barbara RufenachtAs a citizen of the USA, I will not consent to the vaccination.
Roxana Mashek
Bill Valleroy
teresa engel
Allyson van den Herik
Jim Lischio
Yvette Lischio
Janie HamiltonWhen the media and large tech companies pull anything put up that is against the vaccine but constantly publish information that has no scientific information behind it, that's all I need to know to refuse to get this vaccination.
Steve Weiler
Tonya Chase
Rosa CookThis is all kinds of wrong and not what our country stands for 🇺🇸🇺🇸 This is United States Of America Not NAZI Germany and all do California it’s been run as a total nut house by Newsome (who is going away thank you) we are not going to stand for this violation of all we hold dear in this country.
Jodee JandaI am absolutely against vaccine passports. I see our constitutional rights being taken away at an alarming pace and the United States freedoms and the "American Dream" becoming a thing of the past. I support and will do everything I can to stop the American Fascism that is happening right before our eyes!
Joe Rogers
Birgit Witherspoon
Jeanne hamerWe the people of California need our own Nuremberg code against our own state and its governors, it's needed right now and for the future of all Californians. How this last year went down is a clear sign our government has been hijacked. Regardless of political parties. Newsome has to go and any other career politician trying to inch his way into governing, who has deep pockets tied to the corrupt few. Major Williams for governor....he's a write in.
Svetlana Javien
STEPHEN SKINNERI don't want my freedoms taken away!
Norma LahbabiPlease do not use descriminatory practices on citizitens about their vaccine status.
Christine Bailey
Angela ConeI support medical freedom. I support medical privacy. Every individual MUST have a choice about what goes into their own body. Segregation and discrimination against those who make certain medical choices is wrong.
Joseph Jones
Andrea Coelho
Angela ElfmanAny kind of mandate that takes away any of our God given rights is wrong and need to be fought tooth and nail! The mask mandates on our kids is just plain evil without any scientific reason. I admire what you guys are doing and am happy to support and join you
Sarah LindseyHow can you discriminate against people based on vaccine status of a vaccine that isn’t approved by our own FDA? In a society of #BLM and #metoo, and respect of self identity with his/her/them/they/she/he, But discrimination is “ok” with personal medical choices. That is hypocrisy at its finest.
Lance Schoonmaker
Seth Larson
Mike Howard
Ingrid Bixel
Marianna Larson
Juli-An Placek
Cynthia Del FanteStop this now .. this is all kinds of wrong and I for one will not be a part of it.
Michelle Conyers
Katherine Van DykeWe must stand and fight against this biggest crime against humanity. This mandate removes our freedom to decide what we put in our bodies. This is beyond un-American. This vaccine is killing people (according to VAERS), and those mandating it are drunk on power. The vaccine passports are discriminating and unconstitutional. We will not be silenced.
Amber Bone
Damon Braden
B Hawkins
Sherry SchoonmakerIt’s my body I’ll decide what go’s in it.
Kenneth Mullen
Zebadiah HutchisonOperating in a perpetual state of emergency and pushing to cancel God given rights will lead to totalitarianism. We must all stand shoulder to shoulder to fight against such tyranny. If vaccine passports are realized, what is next? This is a very slippery slope. The time to fight against the fascism of vaccine passports is now!
Brenda HawkinsI’m against being forced to be vaccinated.
Svetlana Javien
Laura Jillson
B Hawkins
Bryce Hawkins
Kris KellyVaccine and mask mandates are a violation of our God given rights as a free human being.
Daryl Hawkins
Trish HawkinsThe Governments’ job is to protect my rights!
James WallerstedtEven CDC's oft-cooked stats show a IFR death rate from COVID of .026%, same as the annual designer flu. CDC also admits the injections are NOT vaccines but DO permanently alter DNA. Now that the Vax Pass goal is obvious - those will become permanent if not stopped - it becomes clearer to all that COVID has never been about public health. For clues as to what it is about, please see the information I've provided at and at
Heather Klemme
Rose Rowe
Danielle GilbertVax’d or not, this should not be ok. It’s no ones business to share their health information, period!
Barbara Braden
Laura Braden
Mary FitzgeraldDiscrimination and restriction of rights will not be supported.
mary lockrem
Joseph NickersonStop the insanity
Deborah DiazMy body, my choice. EAU emergency use authorization of said vaccines were authorized based on voluntary status, therefore mandates or regulations of said vaccines or any part pertaining to them are also illegal or invalidated.
Jerry Sliffe
Vanessa McGrath
Jesse Crawford
Sharon Schell
Melinda GriffithIt is time to stop the fear/control policy this current administration is pushing. We need to push back!
Bryan CunninghamA direct violation of our rights and we will not tolerate it
Carolyn GoodsonAny of these mandates violate not only HIPPA but everything that America stands for!!!!
Melissa Sliffe
Ang AyminStop the invasive-ness into our privacies.
Kyle Morgan
John Del FanteStrongly support freedom of choice.
Teri Steele
Angela ConeI support medical freedom. I support medical privacy. Every individual MUST have a choice about what goes into their own body. Segregation and discrimination against those who make certain medical choices is wrong.
Shelley Tancil100% behind, and in support of, this!! And I will share with like-minded individuals. Thank you!!
Lindsey JonesStop discrimination. Stand up for freedom.
Debbie DelFanteThank you for fighting the good fight. 💪🏻Keep going strong.. God bless you all.. His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven🙏🏼🙌🏻🙏🏼
Suellen Shea
Jeff Townsend
Dayna Townsend
Oralia D'AmbraI do not consent to vaccine passports, unlawful lockdowns, and the medical tyranny taking place. Enough is enough.
Robin Ellis
Mariah Ballard
Melissa Castle
Rosemarie Chabot
Amy Leviton
Eva SpearsThis nation was build by everyone working together. United We stand, divided we fall. Stop the division, No vaccine passports.
Richard MarttinMy body, my choice.
Ursula Valdivia Bruce
sherri daquipa
christina trejo...with liberty and justice for all...
Joy DuggindBoth vaccinated and not vaccinated should be concerned to let someone put something in your body without your approval. Stop the madness
Dustin WoodsThank you for taking a stand, we are with you! 💙
Ursula Valdivia Bruce
Judy PrestinWe vehemently oppose any forced injections and masking on anyone and even more against a medical passport.
Ursula Valdivia Bruce
Robin Poteet
Leslie HofmeisterWe have lost our minds over the SARS CoV 2 respiratory virus and the division among the American people is the real tragedy. At some point, they told us “we are all in this together”, but it’s a complete farce. Neighbor hating neighbor, discrimination based on personal beliefs, unnecessary government intervention, and rampant media induced fear is literally destroying our country. We have turned on each other and have made ourselves vulnerable to all kinds of evil. It’s time to stand together.
keeley atterbury
Maril AdrianMy body, my choice!
William Hukill
Camille HarrisThis is against our religious liberties and the Nuremberg code. My body my choice!
Nancy Chapman
Jordan Webster
Serena Angel
MARK Parton
Michael Poteet
Robin Poteet
Sharon Forber
Elizabeth Nienhaus
Jay Cruz
Mary Mester
Kirstie Sampson
Caroline GlennAs a single mom, business owner, and bartender I believe in the choice of providing for your self within the best of your capabilities. When the government puts you in a position where you literally can’t because of your own personal beliefs this is wrong. I stand for FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Let’s go!!!
Debbie Jurries
Debbie Jurries
Cathryn PoirierI am vaccinated, but it is and must remain a Personal Choice. I have several friends who are well educated that have not had the vaccine and do not want to take it. They wear masks. We MUST uphold our personal freedoms that our Constitution provides!!
Chris Giaquinta
Rick Elkin
Heidi HazenI support this and am so glad to find like minded people!
Tiffani Crews
Rachel Bacon-Reynaldo
Susan Granzella
Mary Kilgallon
Marcos Lopez
Ramona Ferrara-Lopez
Tammy Bettis
Amber SmithFreedom
William Hukill
Margaret HukillWe need to stop these restrictions & mandates! Vaccines, testing & masks should be a personal choice! Reopen now w/ no restrictions or mandates! ❤️🇺🇸
Darlene PidgeonI support prohibiting COVID vaccinations as a requirement to do normal and essential activities.
Cathy Gaetke
Barbara StanforthI will not be forced into putting something in my body. I will not go to any restaurant or store that tries to bully me into it. I will patronize a store that accepts all people. Hey, this feels like discrimination, and it is!
Shaina MuellerAs a healthcare worker I refuse to be strong armed into getting the vaccination, especially since it has not been FDA approved. It is wrongful to jeopardize my job and the patients that depend on us for their health. Thank you.
Alexa WhiteThis petition is extremely necessary and reminds us that discrimination based on a person's medical decisions is very much akin to discrimination and segregation based on race. Let's not be on the wrong side of history!
Jennifer Morgan
Anna LindquistWe need to stop the madness. No Vaxx mándate and no Vaxx passports.
Kathryn Hamill
Margaret SutherlinStop the tyranny and abuse of power based on your prerogatives. This is America and you are violating our rights. You are civil servants and have no right to force unproven and experimental practices and medical procedures on the public. Please treat us the way you want to be treated.
Jennifer Lombardo
Aliana Johns
Dustin WoodsThank you for taking a stand, we are with you! 💙
Danielle SpartzGod bless you for your courage and strength and example!
Patricia Graczyk
Anna LindquistWe need to stop the madness. No Vaxx mándate and no Vaxx passports.
Stephen LaubPlease observe the Nuremberg Rules...ALL 10 OF THEM!!!
Shani Reese
Nina StewartFreedom is our constitutional right!
Travis Ballard
Nirit Luchans
Renee MartinezI object to requiring citizens to show proof of the Covid "vaccination" in order to enter facilities or travel. Medical personel, Teachers, Staff and students should not be force to put something in their body they chose to reject. They should not be forced to test for COVID to replace the rejection of the shot. If citizens are not allowed the freedom to choose whether or not to "Vaccinate" then you will be hurting businesses, schools and Medical facilities due to lack of personel to work the needed positions. Give that some thought!
Diana Bauer
Lori Nettleton
Jessica HamptonI disagree with medical discrimination of any kind. There was an attempt to discriminate medically in several periods of our history. It is flat out wrong. All our citizens should be treated equal
Jacqui Verdura
Julie GammelgardMakes no sense to take a “vaccine” to protect me from something I’ve had and have created my own immunity let’s be honest, this has never been about a “bug”
Jeff StahlI absolutely will not be mandated to take an experimental shot (it can't be be called a vaccine because it does not prevent covid infection) !!!!!
Professor Martin Serenovaccine passports = fascism
Katie Runge
Professor Martin Serenovaccine passports = fascism
Rebecca Touchstone
Claudia FernetyPlease don't start a campaign of medical discrimination. Healthy people should be allowed freedom of movement.
Patty RichenbergerFreedom of choice!
Shanan ValliGoing backwards in time. Mandates are not constitutional. Very Unamerican and shameful.
Jonny Kent
Patty Sheehan
Denise Leyba
Nichole Merzi
Ann Glaser
Victoria WinklerKeep up the good work.
Dona Antifae
Disna SouderWe all need to stand up for our freedom.
Tina Lovio
Ursula Valdivia Bruce
Candise SzemettI shouldn't have to inject myself to keep my livihood.
Margo BrennickThis is not about a virus, this is about freedom. Freedom to get or not get a vaccination, freedom to wear or not wear a mask. Freedom to speak against or for, that is what America is founded on. Silencing people is not what America is about.
william vaughan
Theresa Donahue galvan
Lisa Spaulding SpauldingGod bless all the business owners who stand for freedom of choice and everyone who stands united against non-medical tyranny! Our bodies, our choices!
Vera Dragicevich
Carol StoutAs a free member of society we each have the right to make our own choices about what we put in our bodies. Government does not have that right. Respect each others choices. Too much division and judgement is passing as "what's best for you". I had the vaccine but totally understand why others choose not to get it.
William Nicks
Kathryn GrayPer democrats- my body my choice.
Margaret L
Dina BarzilaiPublic Spaces are required by law to be open to ALL members of the public, without regard to their medical status or religious beliefs. Additionally, in CA, it is illegal to say someone is contagious without any evidence. There is no evidence that unvaccinated people are dangerous to the public, so it is illegal to say unvaccinated people are contagious. There IS evidence, however, that the COVID vaccines do not protect against transmission of Sars-Cov-2 or infection with Sars-Cov-2, so it is not only illegal, but also illogical to bar unvaccinated people from public spaces, when the vaccinated clearly can transmit infection. The US was founded on a guarantee of personal and religious freedom, and the Constitution protects this God-given, natural right. In light of this, everyone is free to determine their own medical risk, free to take responsibility to protect their health, and free to experience the consequences if they do not. Enforcing this responsibility is not the domain of business OR of government, and attempting to do so is against the very tenets our country was founded upon.
Chelsea ShmoldasMy Body my choice! Let us live!
Patricia Sweeting
Dustin WoodsThank you for taking a stand, we are with you! 💙
Mary Beth Vaughan
Kristen OlafWe deserve freedom of choice, it is our both right!
Golden DrakeFreedom of choice is one of our God given inalienable rights. We stand strong in our sovereignty.
Julie BriggsWe are living in the US -- supposedly a democracy. Whether to be vaccinated or not should be an individual decision. Please don't take away my liberty by telling me I must be vaxxed. Do not institute Vaccine Passports. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is our motto is it not? The unvaxxed are hurting no one. Anyone can get Covid and can spread it to others. Allow us to be free to make our own decision.
Robert SpontakI have T cell Immunity. Cells let's keep everything open in the name of jesus
Robert SpontakI have T cell Immunity. Cells let's keep everything open in the name of jesus
Kerry Howard
Sofia Smallstorm
Nichole Merzi
Lance McDonaldMy body, my choice, respect that!
Ursula Valdivia Bruce
Letiica MorganFreedom of Choice
Travis Ballard
Mariah Ballard
Katherine Safford
Tyler Ballard
Chris Brennen
Jordan Webster
Judy RudinNo business or other entity should ever discriminate against anyone for their personal medical decisions. Be a part of the solution and say no to segregation and discrimination.
Hannah Geering
Natalie Geering
Kerri BallardWe stand with you!
Debi BallardWe stand together with you fighting for freedom and our liberties. May God bless you and May God bless our city, state and nation.
Chelsea ShmoldasMy Body my choice! Let us live!
Andrea ErwinLet liberty and freedom reign. Government oppression will be our demise if we don't stand our ground.
Wendy KaveneyThe truth shall set us free! UnMask our KIDS!!! In gratitude for all you do at ReOpen San Diego
Mark ShrevesSo proud of you! We stand with you!
Diane McGowanStand firm Ephesians 6:10-20 🙏
darron manley
Lynnda Do CouttoAMEN
Anita HendersonThank you , GOD, for giving us our liberties and freedoms.
Vania Domingues
JeanneThi BunchThis is nothing but discrimination! My body, my choice! Taking away my freedom is unconstitutional.
Chelsea ShmoldasMy Body my choice! Let us live!
Laura Norton
Adrienne FrenchStating the obvious. Reopen without restrictions.
Krista Lee Quinn
Caitlyn Cowart
Judith A SnowI feel it's people's choice to get vaccine. No mandatory vaccine passports
Sean Moran
Stacy DavisFreedom does not equal vaccine and mask mandates medical freedom is not a choice it is a fundamental right
Inez SchmidtHuman Sovereignty is our birth right, not a privelege. The health of myself and my family is my responsibility, no one else's. This is a financial marketing & political game. Nothing more. Turn off the TV and turn on your critical thinking.
Valerie BussThe government does not care about our health. The government does not care about your business. Only we, as a community can care for one another. Stop the segregation and division.
Peter HoffasBetter to burn on earth and bow in heaven than to bow on earth and burn in hell. Stop the public health/government media fear campaigns! Recommend and make available repurposed drugs for early treatment. This idiotic mask/test/vax cycle only perpetrates itself and will never end.
Melissa Kau
Chris Giaquinta
Heather GiaquintaNo vaccine mandate and no masks !!! This is America ! I refuse
Richard Van EveryMy body - my choice. Period.
Denise FaubionOur God given rights don’t come from government. 60 years of civil rights down the drain in a year! Who decides??? Who’s profiting???Largest human experiment and transfer of wealth in human history-for 99 percent survivable man made. Create a problem, offer solution to problem. Create Billionaires, a ruling class and divide people. Plan unfolds before our eyes.
Heidi SadornasKeep fighting the good fight of faith! You all are an inspiration!
Andy SchulgasserI hope people wake up to the truth that this is the worst hoax, Nazi takeover of our society that has been murdering and wiping people out for years. When everything is censored, and fear is taught, and people easily believe the lies, we are living in a very dangerous society. Non-censoring platforms: - Video search instead of YouTube BRAVE - Internet search instead of Google “Germ theory is fraud”
Gretchen ClarkDo not take our rights away!
Tamara Hebblermedical freedom is our birth right and supported by our constitution. Anything in contrast is tyranny - period.
Clifton QuinnLet individuals make their own decision when their health is concerned. Many have either already had covid, thus have immune response already, or are simply wary of Big Pharm and rushed Govt decisions. Big Pharm is more interested in profit than my health in my opinion. Also, many are having serious reactions to these emergency, non-fda approved shots, and this is NOT in the mainstream news.
Christine WilliamsTo show proof of ANY kind of vaccination status is total discrimination and illegal. To promote a policy of ‘passage’ in a business or eating/drinking establishment (or any place of ‘public accommodation’) that requires a proof of taking any shot or medical test, is promoting a policy of segregation and discrimination. Many years ago, we who were involved in the Civil Rights Movement, fought long and hard so people in the United States of America could freely pass and and live their lives without punitive and punishing discrimination policies. Think twice about what you are doing!
Brian Sill
Barbara McVeighThis would give the powers a slippery slope to absolute fascism and control of the people. It is a direct violation.
Celeste Sill
Neil MonasteroThis is govenment over reach based on the treat of this virus being grossly blown out of proportion by grossly inflating the death count.WIth a 99.97 recovery rate, there is no need for a vaccine. They are proving to be UNSAFE and INEFFECTIVE and EXPERIEMENTAL so no one should be forced to take a vaccine and if you die and get sick form taking the jab, you cannot sue.
Travis Gregory
Elizabeth Jones
Blake BeckcomPlease read State of California Health and Safety Codes: 24171, 24172, 24173, 24175, and 24176. Our own state laws say this whole forced jabberdoo is illegal. It's good ammo to have on hand to show sheeple.
Edward BarriosClose the BORDERS! Our rights are being violated by these nonsense mandates! I will not be injected to satisfy the Government's quota.
Jane Sadler
Sherry ClemensWe are born free. No man can tell us what to do with our body. Freedom of Choice!
Ellen BoemerI’m appalled that San Diego and California is holding the citizenry hostage, taking possession of our individual freedom’s, businesses and our personal health care decisions. This is against the Nuremberg Code as well as the Constitution and our individual rights. The medical industry poisoned me for decades and I finally recovered my health by getting off ALL that doctors prescribed, and overhauling my diet instead. Now you want me and everyone to take a mandated, untested poison injection after I finally recovered my health. You have no rights by law to do this.
Eva Duarte
Veronica HerreraVaccination status is the segregation, as a minority this is terrifying to experience daily. We are in 2021, almost 2022 it’s time to stop the division & stand up for human rights! Say no to proof vaccination status!
Dan Lwis
Cynthia ChapmanThis is America where there is freedom and individual choice. My body my choice. The evidence shows the masks are useless and The shot is dangerous. There are effective treatments and the secret to health is good nutrition and a healthy immune system. I support businesses that support logic and freedom.
karin de jaureguiDo not divide us by ANY status - voluntary or involuntary -
jorge trujillo
Mary Gearhart
Richard Burger
Dona AntifaeMy body, my choice.
mary bucci
Michael Allen
Erin Allen
Terre LaskeThe vax is experimental and documented evidence exists of its many issues. A coalition of thousands of U.S. doctors exists to prescribe prevention or early treatment protocols. STOP the censorship of these doctors and the interference of the doctor-patient relationship!
Melissa Saldivar
Joyce Gorton Gorton
Diane Wilkinson
Marti Rosenberg
Elizabeth Marymee
Bob KochHow can you have a vaccine passport for a shot, that by definition, isn't a vaccine?
Jim Ridenour Jr
Richard Andreoni
Elizabeth JuarezThese vaccine passports are an infringement on my personal medical information. Passports like these represent segregation, which is protected by the Civil Rights act of 1964. No Government has the right to force, coerce, bribe, intimidate any individual into injecting themselves with an experimental drug.
Lincoln PickardEnd flu seasons; Zinc, Vitamins D & C
Patricia HiltyGod gave us our rights. If gov't wants to take them away it must fight with God not us. It fights with us because God always wins.
Tammy BettisStop the shut downs
Megan Rizzo
Mychaela Falconia FalconiaMy body, my choice! I am proud LTPU: lesbian, transgender, pagan, unvaccinated!
Blake AndersonI am severely opposed to any business, school, employer, or other entity asking about someone's vaccination status. My employer thankfully does not require me to get a COVID-19 vaccine. So I have not gotten one. I also never wear a mask even though signs say I must wear one if I am unvaccinated. Masks decrease a person's "quality of life" and should be optional everywhere. I support "mask choice" and "vaccine choice." I do not feel children in schools should ever be forced to get a vaccine either. Zero mandatory vaccines. I am doing "Republican Freedom Rallies" in Pacific Beach every other Saturday and we have signs on our rally booth opposing the COVID vaccines. Here are some pictures of our rally booth at this Facebook post website link.
Nickolas MenottiStop discrimination and systemic racism with vaccine passports.
Catherine RobinsonThis is not a vaccine. It is an unlicensed product that has been pre-approved for emergency use only. I do not want to put this poison into my body, as it has not been approved for human use at this point. When I came to this country, I had to prove that I was in good health. I do not want this country to now take away my good health and cause any possible longterm damage to my body or maybe even death. And, along with that, being held harmless for doing so.
Tamara WeenigNo more using this virus and its ‘Vaccine’ as a means for control and dividing this country. We do not consent to this tyranny. Vaccines and medical issues are a personal CHOICE. Government force is not the way.
Anna HolmesOur future depends on a good government.
Hamilton Don Mello
Madison Montgomery
Lawrence DorszOpen San Diego, stop requiring face masks and proof of vaccination!!
Vania Domingues
Dina CampbellPraying for common sense to prevail
John SuhrWe need to restore our democracy. Newsom wants to use the pandemic to reimagine the economy and government joining the Great Reseters. Recall him, end the pandemic and block them.
Julio DNo to vaccine passports. No to discriminating by vaccination status. No to mask mandates. Yes to Freedom. Yes to Liberty. Yes to independence for looking after our own health. We need to be critical thinkers here…The same government that feeds unhealthy food in the government (public) schools to the children of America are now looking out for everyone’s (no matter the age around the world) health and well-being by mandating vaccines and masks?
Cynnea DavidAs a great granddaughter of most of my family that were lost in the Holocaust and a resident of California, San Diego for most of it, I stand for freedom and feel as a wife of a traditional allopathic physician that pleas practiced for 52 years I feel these mandates are medical tyranny.
Madeline Snowdon
Kimberly Pidgeon
Sharol McCumsey
Julio DNo to vaccine passports. No to discriminating by vaccination status. No to mask mandates. Yes to Freedom. Yes to Liberty. Yes to independence for looking after our own health. We need to be critical thinkers here…The same government that feeds unhealthy food in the government (public) schools to the children of America are now looking out for everyone’s (no matter the age around the world) health and well-being by mandating vaccines and masks?
Julio DNo to vaccine passports. No to discriminating by vaccination status. No to mask mandates. Yes to Freedom. Yes to Liberty. Yes to independence for looking after our own health. We need to be critical thinkers here…The same government that feeds unhealthy food in the government (public) schools to the children of America are now looking out for everyone’s (no matter the age around the world) health and well-being by mandating vaccines and masks?
Patty RichenbergerFreedom of choice!
Aaron Xourafis
Ranell CornejoFreedom of choice!! Our health, our choice, our consequences.
Elizabeth Alvarez
Dale AmesI agree with the statement attached to this Petition. Why would you want to make criminals out of law abiding citizens.
Mitra SinghI do not consent to having my basic human rights and medical freedom taken away!
Ray Wilson
Alex Mendivil
Patricia Sweeting
Jamie Vorzimmer
Adrian McEachrenStop discriminating against those who prefer NOT to get the vaccine. We have a 99.97% survival rate from it. Enough!
James DrownI decide what I do with my body, not the government.
Karen Magnuson
Carl PugliesThe point of vaccines, we’re told, is to “get herd immunity” to PROTECT immune- compromised people who CAN’T GET VACCINES. How does discriminating against THOSE SAME PEOPLE help protect them? It’s almost like they don’t care about health
Ashley Levy
Jennie Vandenakker
Celeste Berman
Dionne Rury
Deanna Mayer
Arianna RaiolaVaccine mandates and all other vaccine related government impositions such as the display of cards or testing results are a violation of personal rights, HIPPA, and are the final step of government overreach
Kim Newell
Darcy LantzFreedom of choice!
Rick MooreYour job as an elected official is to vote the will of your constituents, not your own! You are also obligated uphold the Constitution! Don't forget the HIPAA Privacy rules! Please be a lion, not a sheep!
Alona Agui
Lavonne LeonWill not comply!
Marissa Cocores
Arianna RaiolaVaccine mandates and all other vaccine related government impositions such as the display of cards or testing results are a violation of personal rights, HIPPA, and are the final step of government overreach
Kimmy LeightonI take my health far more seriously than any government official, the CDC or pharmaceutical company. I choose what is put in my body. Instead of this endless power and money game, let's talk about what true health means and how that will help the current situation we are in.
Allyson Smith
Jessica Filpi
Alexandria Hickman
jorge trujilloif you want to vaccinate yourself go ahead but do not worry about if the other person is or is not. every person decides what risk they want to take. when you decide to drive you are taking a risk by getting into an accident. in fact you are more likely to die from a car accident then from covid. what about those with natural immunity? that seems to be a silent topic. freedom of choice of what i put into my body. many times i offer treatment to patients and they refuse. that is called agains medical advice.
Robin Bradley
Dianna Williams
Hamilton Don Mello
Carolina CastroMy parents migrated to this country seeking a better life of opportunities and as a daughter of an immigrant I refuse to allow the discrimination to happen to the citizens of this nation.
Carol Rogers
Sharilyn Schultz
Joy FreemanNo No No No! Mandates for Vaccines or Masks!!! At less than 1% fatality rate Covid is a meer inconvenience and discomfort. Getting sick builds our life long immunity to all kinds of things. Dont give us singular immunity while leaving us vulnerable to all other kinds of conditions, not to mention the ones that the supposed Vaccine causes in many people, including death. The risk reward ration is waaaay to high. There is little to no purpose with this Vaccine and the masks. All the actual science shows it. Even the data of how many vaccinated people still get and spread Covid. It is criminal! Plus you are killing businesses with lock downs. I know someone else must be paying you or threatening you to vote to do this. How can you live with yourself when you know that the V does close to nothing!!!!
Marissa Cocores
Lisa GaffneyMy body is not property of any government agency. I have a God given right to decide what I inject or do not inject into myself and I should not be discriminated against for my personal beliefs. I am a healthy adult with enough sense to stay home when I am sick and enough intelligence to know how to boost my immune system to do what it was designed by our creator to do. I do not consent!
Scott Woodworth
John La PlanteAre we willing to battle back and risk going to jail, are you? No vaccine passports!!
Carole Hodgkiss
Lily NeskinI am against discrimination of any kind
Krista Hahn
Raquel PottsMy right to choose is important! We fought and founded this country on freedoms. I’ll not give my freedom up!
Kelsey Williams
Robert TaftStop the tyranny Freedom to choose
Patti Larsen
Hector Gastélum
Antoinette Bruno
Matthew Hess
Tanya Kozlowski
Lisa Spaulding SpauldingOur individual rights were given to us at birth, from God, not government or any human source. All we have to do is listen to people like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum who tell us that de-population is coming, to save the planet. These plans have been in the works for decades and are now coming to fruition. That means we must unite and rise up to stop their demonic plan to become human gods in charge of deciding who lives, (in an AI dystopian nightmare), and who dies--'for the greater good'--which means for their benefit. Evil must be resisted, 100%...We've gotten to this point by allowing tyranny to take root incrementally, now is the time we take back our free will and our future!
Debra WolfeMedical mandates are illegal and must be stopped immediately. The experimental covid-19 ‘’vaccine/injection” is neither approved by the FDA nor effectively gives immunity to those who take the shot. You have taken an oath to uphold the laws of California and rights of the citizens of San Diego and/or every other county, city, municipality in California. This blatant medical discrimination against the people of San Diego must stop now.
Gloria RoersmaWe are all adults, and we can take care of our kids, and our bodies without any help from our Government. It’s their responsibility to take care of our God given rights.
Gloria RoersmaWe are all adults, and we can take care of our kids, and our bodies without any help from our Government. It’s their responsibility to take care of our God given rights.
Claudia RuizThis is corruption at its worst. Our kids lives are in jeopardy. Humanity is in danger.
Mary Shovelton
Erin WarfieldPersonal rights and freedoms should not be taken away from us.
Mark Wallace
Gerardo Peña
Trevor Tompane
Jillian Tompane
Gregory Hill
Jennifer RaptisNow is the time to take a stand!!
Nathan Michell"2 weeks to flatten the curve" turned into the flattening of our freedoms, our liberties, and our livelihoods, and caused irreparable damage to the education and development of children. Lockdowns are a proven failure and now the idea of dividing and segregating the population by taking away the medical freedom from the individual will only end up damaging society further. Are we still a constitutional republic with liberty and the right to pursue happiness? Without that, what is life? We can already see what that answer is, and it is unacceptable. Peace. Love. Freedom.
Jeremy Scherer
Katie Sprankles
Marc Cerda
Donna Baker
Craig Hyde
Jennie RileyThere so many reasons why vaccination mandates are is wrong because medically we are not one size fits all and a mandate discriminates those who are completely innocent if the vaccine is not right for them, it is wrong because a mandate opresses American individual freedoms, it is wrong because it is hypocritical and stages a two party system between the haves and the have nots, which is already is wrong because it breeds contempt and hatred between citizens, families and friends and it is wrong because it is not even based in science but a pure political opportunity for a power grab to change our nation.
Gregory HuntEvery individual should have the right to make the decisions that are best for them. It is not appropriate for any entity such as this government to tell its constituents they are too dumb to make the right decisions for their lives. Also, having vaccine passports does not solve anything. If the vaccine works the vaccinated have nothing to worry about. If it doesn’t work than mandating it and having vaccine passports would be useless as well. There is no logical reasoning that a vaccine passport would solve any health problems.
Michelle HillyerWe need to protect freedom of choice for all people.
David Gleason Gleason"Covid" is a massive scam being pushed by big-pharma and globalists. The people and our local leaders need to wake up, stand up against this tyranny, and start acting like real Americans.
Ileana Rosas
Janet TaylorVaccine passports will take our freedoms away! People are protesting this around the world but that is being censored! Do NOT let our government turn us against each other. Studies around the world are showing that the vaccinated are getting Covid as much as the unvaccinated and passing it on to others as well. For me, I believe in strengthening my God given immune system instead of taking an experimental vaccine but I respect everyone’s right to choose.
David Smith
Kimberly ThompsonThank you for creating this! Our bodies, our choice! Freedom is a big part of how & why our country was founded. It saddens me that some have forgotten this! Children & families have suffered & continue to due to the ridiculous mandates & rules with no scientific backing or common sense. Thank you, thank you!!!
Robin TaftPlease duplicate this process in Orange County, CA.
Richard AspenleiterIt's disappointing to me how many people, especially businesses, have meekly complied with these Draconian and Un-scientific COVID "rules", "mandates", "orders", "Passports", etc.This petition is a great step.I hope it gains steam.
Heidi SadornasI agree with the ReOpen San Diego mission! Freedom of speech and freedom of choice for all! End the local health emergency once and for all!
Sylvia Rapoza
Jim Ridenour Jr
Sarah Smith
Brittany Giacalone“The world is a dangerous place. Not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” -Albert Einstein. Unfortunately we have seen this before in WORLD history. Fear and financial gain used to discriminate and segregate people. It was used by big tobacco and slavery which lead to the civil war and WW2 where millions of lives were lost. Now it is being used as “protecting people” during a pandemic. What do these 3 events have in common? A government trying to dictate people’s freedom and liberties. That is NOT what America was built on. There is NO perfect nation but America has freedom which allows us to stand up for the wrongs done to others. It is your choice to get the vaccine or not. Furthermore, perhaps if there was another vaccine application besides the 3 mRNA vaccines like Covaxin (which is a traditional approach to vaccine the polio vaccine) more would be voluntary to possibly receive it. Ultimately though this comes down to freedom and data. Unmask our kids...the data’s there...make vaccines optional...if you got the vaccine you should be protected and another persons vaccine status is irrelevant...there is NO way this virus will be eliminated anytime soon...go on the CDC website yourselves and see how diseases such as hepatitis (the vaccinated strains) is still in existence more than 50 years after some of the vaccines were available...lastly as our former President John F. Kennedy said “Life is not easy. There is work to be done and obligations to be met-obligations to truth, to justice, and to liberty.”
Sharol McCumsey
Lisa Clemens
Joan StantonI have natural immunity. Why would I mess that up with a mask or vaccination that doesn't work.
Ana Pitt
Steve HasbrouckCOVID is not the end to humanity. There are many other diseases that trump Covid’s death rate. We have therapeutics to effectively treat it.
Laura Brines
Kenneth TidwellMy body, my choice! Reopen San Diego now!!!
Helena HusseyIn addition, I object to requiring proof of vaccination or negative covid test to visit a loved one in the hospital. In an emergency situation there is no time to get a covid test. This is cruel and unusual punishment of the unvaccinated.
jorge trujilloif you want to vaccinate yourself go ahead but do not worry about if the other person is or is not. every person decides what risk they want to take. when you decide to drive you are taking a risk by getting into an accident. in fact you are more likely to die from a car accident then from covid. what about those with natural immunity? that seems to be a silent topic. freedom of choice of what i put into my body. many times i offer treatment to patients and they refuse. that is called agains medical advice.
Allyn ReidNo health passports!
Amy Andreoni
Teresa Rutherford
jorge trujillo
Elizabeth Marymee
Kimberly RidenourThis is America where we value our freedoms! This is government overreach.
Shannon Condon
Lorelie DaLuzMy body my choice! Please end this discrimination against the unvaccinated! It’s clear that the vaccines don’t work & there are serious risks involved. The benefits do not outweigh the risks for many people. Please help us fight for freedom in our beautiful city and state.
Sun YahwehHonor the laws that this great country was built on! Freedom
Kelly LeBerthonI vehemently opposed government overreach mandating masking, mandating vaccines, mandating vax passport, mandating lockdowns. In addition, i fully reject your colored tiers re china virus - Check yourself gov't - #WeThePeopleDoNotConsent
M WilliamsYou can't continue to claim you are for "diversity, equity, and inclusion" or you believe in "my body, my choice" and in the next breath say those things don't apply to those who don't accept your toxic and deadly shots. Hypocrisy at its worse to say the least!
Charissa Carlson
Mirta Flores
Kristen Bettner
Theresa Murphy
Julie Mitchell Mitchell
Matt CampbellThe vaccine does not prevent transmission, and therefore a mandate/passport system is completely unnecessary and doomed to fail. Countries with near 100% vaccination rates are experiencing their worst outbreaks YET. The vaccine is NOT a silver bullet for covid. End this madness.
Dawn PashaMy body, my choice! If the vaccine works so great, then why mandate for everyone to have it? The vaxxed should be protected, right? It's because this is NOT about health, and NEVER has been!!!! Health starts from what we consume, and the public is not being taught about that! It's about control and power! Put an end to the mandates, NOW!!!!
F BloomerWe all know its wrong. And it has to stop.
Lisa Polanski
Tanya TaylorHow can I trust the science, when the doctors and scientists who don’t agree with the government are either being censored or are afraid to speak up for fear of being cancelled or fired? In a truly free country, we would be allowed to listen to all medical opinions and make our own decisions based on what we feel is right for us.
Cindy Stoney
Brook Castrejon Solis
Sun YahwehHonor the laws that this great country was built on! Freedom
Gary DuckIf you base your decision about taking a vaccine from an intelligent person with a white coat who we generally far smarter than you. Just remember those in the white coat are the cause of the third leading reason for death in United States. 250,000 people die each year from people in white coats Making medical errors. Beware of intelligent people with the wrong information Says it all below
Doug KelchnerWe have done our best to coexist with others, even when we might differ in ideology or matters of personal choice. Now we are told to 'coexist' with the unvaccinated is not an option. If I must live as a second class citizen to retain personal autonomy, so be it. But make no mistake, it is discrimation & abuse of the worst kind. To make one violate their conscience is an abuse of our most basic human rights.
Rosemarie Miller
David Thomas
Alan Conrad
Tracy Moran
Mary Schlegel
David PelkeuLet’s do the right thing and get it done.
Ciarra PeerallyThis is the United States of America not Nazi Germany! We will not show papers to move about our country because we have been given the God-given right to move about freely as we wish.
Heidi JungerWe reject *this* 'New World Order' or 'Great Reset.' We need a reset where something like this, counter-productive to all humanity, pandemic response can never happen again. It is absurd that a vaccination passport is even being considered for this 'outbreak.' What happened to freedom of choice? What happened to (the real) science? All ignored? Not by everybody, people know what is going on and every minute another person starts to understand. This 'pandemic response' incl. the concept of vaccine passports are a mark in history. They show who pushed this agenda and they will be held accountable; just like anybody ignoring the inalienable rights of humans will be held accountable, sooner or later.
Rob DavisForcing otherwise healthy people to inject experimental drugs into their system while shielding the pharmaceutical companies from any liability is complete tyranny.
Erin Thomas
Helena ParkerI believe people should have the choice of what goes in their body.
Ryan LyonsThis is AMERICA! We are supposed to be free in this great country and have the freedom to make our own choices for ourselves and our children, especially when it comes to medical and health. No VACCINE, no mask, no segregation.
Leslie HofmeisterWe have lost our minds over the SARS CoV 2 respiratory virus and the division among the American people is the real tragedy. At some point, they told us “we are all in this together”, but it’s a complete farce. Neighbor hating neighbor, discrimination based on personal beliefs, unnecessary government intervention, and rampant media induced fear is literally destroying our country. We have turned on each other and have made ourselves vulnerable to all kinds of evil. It’s time to stand together.
Brooke FlynnI'm not against vaccines, but I'm against people freedom and choice whether they want one or not. Particularly since THIS Covid vaccine still needs to be proven.
Michelle Dobbertin
Becky Hofseth
Barbara StanforthMy body my choice! I will never, nor will any of my family members take the injection. This move to force me has made me very distrustful of the government and doctors!
Valerie PostonMedical freedom is just one of our inalienable rights. When you discriminate against people’s religions or personal values and choices, you violate your own new diversity rules.
Chantelle DeshazerThere's no medical procedure safe for everyone! If you're going to force something for health, how about banning cigarettes??
Elena KorobetskayaVaccine passports = segregation, discrimination and racism. There is no place for them in modern world
Lyndell Castro
Robert WoolseyGod gave me a immune system to keep me healthy and it does not require man made vaccinations that make me sick. God also gave me free will to say no to arbitrary political mandates.
Linda Zifko
Yeli Fernandez
Carlo Layug
Rob DavisForcing otherwise healthy people to inject experimental drugs into their system while shielding the pharmaceutical companies from any liability is complete tyranny.
Amy Peltekian
Christine WilliamsNo one should be forced to take an ‘experimental’ injection and show proof of said inoculation to shop, to eat food, attend a music or cultural event, go to one’s doctor, enter a hospital, or go about the Business of One’s Life.
Ann AshcraftWe can and will reopen with or without you as you are our employees!!!
Theresa Donahue-galvanSegregation all over again is how I see it. The race card didn’t work for the evil doers now they’ll use the jab to segregate. We have got to stop this now!
Tricia FambroHaving the vaccine is the new yellow star. The government restricting movement is a complete Nazi move. Newsom is the new Hitler.
Gregory HuntEvery individual should have the right to make the decisions that are best for them. It is not appropriate for any entity such as this government to tell its constituents they are too dumb to make the right decisions for their lives. Also, having vaccine passports does not solve anything. If the vaccine works the vaccinated have nothing to worry about. If it doesn’t work than mandating it and having vaccine passports would be useless as well. There is no logical reasoning that a vaccine passport would solve any health problems.
Teri PaschI say NO to medical tyranny!
Joy BelockNO one should be pressured into taking a vaccine.
Jenna Nicol
Matt DrakeNot sure we can stop the insanity in California, but I proudly attach my name to this petition.
Mirta Flores
Emily Aguilar
Domenic Deluca
sarah amesWhy the rush? We have no idea of the long term effects of the shot. I wouldn't force you to inject something into your body that you didn't want.
cathy nesterBy requiring citizens to get the vaccine and to show proof of that, is a huge move toward socialism. We cannot allow it ! We are still a free country and need to keep it that way. Thank you for your dedication and hard work in standing up for what is right.
Ryan BauerVaccine passports are oppression and force people to undergo a medical procedure to do normal things like eat food.
Cheryl AspenleiterThe vaccines for Covid have murdered millions worldwide, Babies are dead and dying. Mothers are on suicide watch. They stopped the swine flu shot for 25 deaths and the director of the CDC lost his job for those deaths. The VAERS site that only 1% is reported to is over 12,000 deaths now. Why has the experimental injection not been stopped? Because it is a depopulation agenda by madmen. Yes it is. The Covid Agenda is a Crime Against Humanity. So many have died of the Pfizer shot in Israel they are calling it a Holocaust worse than the gas chambers and have filed suit at the Hague World court for violations of the Nuremberg Code. We are in a Spiritual War and must save the Children.
Jennifer Ayers
Jessica Francis
Rebekkah Naputi
Courtney Scowby
Patrice Steward
Candace Hiddlestone
Rebekkah Naputi
Dwight MattixMy body, my choice. Those who would sacrifice a little liberty for a little security will have neither.
Sheila parsons
Glen Farrell
Kathleen BainesI want the right to choose.
Rachael Miller
Nicole Kley
Kathy Granite
Madeline Wade
Amanda DuxI have been a dedicated pediatric nurse for 20 years. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and I am being FORCED to get this trial injection or lose my career! If they fire me, I would not even be able to claim maternity leave which I worked hard for and earned! This is the most unjust and unfair mandate I have ever seen and I am utterly appalled that California would do this to its citizens, especially during a time when nursing staff is already too short and patients are not getting treatment as they need!
molly spitz
Joshua PlacekEnd medical tyranny. End medical segregation. Bring back common sense!
Lizette Duron
Jackson Cassibry
Lisa Stroud
Marcella Lopez
Michelle RobertsMedical freedom!!!
Jessica Gorham
Kristina GrahamPraying for our people. What's going on is not right. We are losing are freedoms!
Joakim Hilton
Sonia SouzaMy body, My Choice! My freedom and my Medical Privacy.
Amber Wilson
Debra VigilEnough is enough. Freedom of choice, no ultimatums, just freedom!
Sara Jo West
Jake Pagnotta
Antonella Pascucci
Brendan ClowryThis is the land of the free! People should be free to choose and maintain a right to their own medical privacy
William Diebold
Fritz Tatzer
Christopher Grix
Loïc Sebe
Mona AmyraThis is not about vaccines for me. This is about freedom. The most basic freedom.
Sarah Sebe
Sherine Campagna-CosselMandates Aren't freedoms, and are against the constitution; in So many ways! So let's let the constitution thrive!
Kellsie MoorePlease
Denise KosarLet us breathe!
Steve Robb
James Zaleski
Renee Zaleski
Anthony ClineYou may not ask for my personal medical information
lisa White
Adela Dibble
Vivian Carrillo
Sue YoungNo mandates! My body, my choice, not the governments.
Cinda Brown
Rosemarie Chabot
Cynthia SA nurse, educator, wife, and mother. Mandates need to stop. My body belongs to me , not the government, not my place of work, not the gym, or grocery store. My body is mine to make choices on anything invasive injected/or not into my body or placing anything onto my face, or not . Only when I deem it necessary will I choose. Are businesses, schools, hospitals, emergency personnel ready to loose the workforce. Are businesses ready to lose customers? I will not go into you establishments if you demand my personal medical history, which belongs to me.
Kylee Heath
Mike L.Freedom of choice!
Zandra BrownI believe in freedom!
Lisa MarksNo discrimination! No mask mandates! Freedom of choice!
Lianne Brown
Heather Andres
Gloria Peoples
Vinita Ott
Paul Howard
Breanna Foster
Dawn Luna
Cecilia MasonThis needs to be a personal choice NOT forced! What happened to our civil liberties?! This is wrong for many reasons.
Lisa Mckemy
Emily Whigham
Trina Good
Jamie HowellNo mandates/passports! Medical Freedom!
Christa Wise
Jenifer Z
Domenic BrunettoI am vaccinated but I believe in freedom of choice and to stop the blame narrative of the unvaccinated
Cheryl Giustiniano
Galina Mochel
Ryan Shaw
Shaun Price
Courtney Sewell
Owen Whitfield
Gary WhitfieldMedical Freedom for all peoples.
Jeff Zook
Kathlyn WagnerMy 22 year old daughter was pressured to recieve this EXPERIMENTAL treatment from our state government and their mandates. She was at no risk of this virus and I am furious that because of the government my daughter now may have health issues coming her way. I am furious. This must stop. VAERS shows many many adverse effects and DEATHS. When will this stop.
Penny Reiche
Kaytlyn West
Christie ShawNo mandates! Freedom of choice!
Andres Sanchez
Lona BryantThank you!
Kandi ChehadeVaccines should be a choice not a government mandate.
Kathleen CorradiniNo madates! We are a free country!
Kyra Bartlett
Liana ConlanOur freedoms are worth standing up for!!! 🇺🇸 💪🇺🇸💪🇺🇸
Michelle Dyke
David SmithMedical freedom is a right!
Kody Folkins
Jeremy Cornell
Rachel Cassell
Lori McGowanFreedom of Choice
Michael Gomelstop listening to bureaucrats and their ascientific fear mandates. Resistance is not futile! Stabd Up with all the morally courageous whistle blowers.
Nina BrunettoNo one should judge someone for not wanted to things to there bodies it should be there choice
Susie Mccollum
Sophie Britton
Monica Hunt
Stefano Brunetto
Kristylyn Baker
Jamie McGilvray
Kera Vowles
Nick Taylor
Melani RobersonNot an anti-vaxer, pro-Covid vaccine, anti-mandate. Freedom of choice.
Rosemary CiottoStop discrimination God Bless
Shannon Lilly
Luz Martinez
Anna Partee
Michelle Delgado
Tracy DenHerder
Adriana Briseno
Beth Barnum
Darla Chapman
Heath Cole
Mark Aviles
Robert WardPlease keep the fight up to free our children!
Pilar Bewley
Andrea Mckay
Ryan Sleight
Julie Sleight
Kerri AvilesIt is most important that American citizens continue to live as free people and that anyone attempting to change the course of the Constitution or undermined the Nuremberg Codes be held accountable and dealt with legally
Lana GuthWe can stop this.
Rose McClain
Kim FreibergI chose freedom over fear!
Kenneth Hart
Beverly SturkThese infractions against our freedom are a VERY slippery slope. Please do not buckle to the exaggerated fear and allow our country to be diminished and put in jeopardy. Please stand for the fundamental tenants of our country. Please stand on the right side of history by standing with the Constitution. Please don’t allow this to happen to our children and grandchildren.
Warren BrazasThis is a violation of the US Constitution & Federal Law. It is discrimination against law abiding citizens. This looks like the Chinese Communist Party or former Soviet Union.STOP THE TYRANNY OF THE UNELECTED!
Justin Scott
Cynthia Davidson
Shanna WellsEnd the Tyranny!
Kelly JonesWe have the legal and God-given right to breathe fresh air into our lungs, as well as what we inject into our bodies. It should be a choice - period.
Regina Culazzo
Rebecca Shepherd
Marina Skendzic
Amelia Folkins
Patrick McDaniel
Nora (Tina) MurphyNo one should be denied personal freedoms because they object to or can’t receive a vaccine or wear a mask. Everyone deserves the right to choose.
Marcie Peters
Kelly Christianson
Mei Tang
Sandra HazzardI am against all mask mandates and vaccine passports/vaccine verification.
Lacee Beaulieu
Jennifer LeBlond
Lindsay DuBois
Danielle Short
Kalie LeBlond
Rebecca JorgensenMy body my choice. I choose not to participate in this experiment the government is attempting to force and scare everyone into getting.
Robert Bisesi
Hilary Dietmeyer
Jeff EtzlerVax passports are the Nazi Germany Jewish yellow star all over again. This is all so illegal, not to mention immoral. Wake up!
Russ KnowlesI support personal choice. No mandates, no coercion.
Linda OlivasEnough of this BS
Courtney MooreNo mandates! Let us breath! Medical freedom!
Nicole Ward
Julie DavisFreedom and to choose!
Arturo JuarezEnough is enough!
Angel Ojeda
Angel Ojeda
Leo Rodriguez
Moh MThis will only cause more problems for small businesses while big corporations continue to thrive. For some this may be a temporary solution but in the long run business owners will be suffering with the consequences.
Haze RobinsonThank you for all that you do!!!
Michael Hawkins
Sonia GutierrezTogether we can make a difference!! NO MANDATES
Donald sosnowskiFreedom, just visit Fort Rosecran Cementry there lies the price of Freedom, we must keep their sacrifice alive. no mandates
Clarissa Melgosa
Clarissa Melgosa
Alondra RuizWe must uphold the constitution.
Kirt McCrackenVery slippery slope. Bad idea.
Grace Goldsher
Catherine Hubecky
Tyler Brown
Dean H.I support ReOpen San Diego's mission. I believe everyone is acting with their own best intentions in a complex situation, but ultimately personal choice is imperative in public health policy.
Michael Hawkins
Kimberly Hawkins
Jennifer Labelle
Carlos Reyessay no to mandatory vaccinations
Alysson HartmannYes, yes, 1000 times YES I do NOT consent to any mandated vaccine passport system that will segregate and discriminate. What people put in their bodies is THEIR CHOICE, PERIOD!
Diane Ake