Resources you can use to fight for your business, community and family

The information on this page does not constitute medical or legal advice. Please seek a licensed attorney or medical professional if you need medical or legal assistance. Some people have benefited from some of these resources and they may or may not be helpful for your particular situation.


  • The Healthy American provides advocacy, education and inspiration to individuals and businesses about how to live and work mask-free, obtain religious and medical exemptions from vaccine mandates, combat the ever-changing health orders, and keep businesses open.
  • Solari Report provides forms for employees, students and information for parents regarding Covid-19 injection mandates.
  • Children’s Health Defense Fund provides a notice for employers, universities and other institutions mandating COVID-19 masks.
  • Make Americans Free Again has weekly conference calls for healthcare workers facing mandates. Contact Pam Popper at
  • Human Rights Advocates has free and paid templates for letters against mandates for masks, Covid-19 injections, RT-PCR tests at schools, workplaces, aged care facilities and for airlines.
  • The PMA Team can help your business become a Private Membership Association — a sovereign business in the private domain. (This process can also be applied to schools and health practitioners and clinics).
  • The Constitutional Law Group provides information on how to approach schools and school boards, and resources for businesses, employees, churches and customers.
  • Bonds For The Win has information about obtaining and filing surety bond claims against public officials who are actively breaking their oath of office, including school boards, unions and government officials.

Legal Assistance

  • Retired Superior Court Judge, Gary Kreep with the California Constitutional Rights Foundation at (760) 803-4029 offers free legal consulation to individuals and businesses facing COVID-19 related prosecution.
  • Batta Fulkerson Law Group offers free legal representation to any gym owner charged with a criminal offense for safely operating their business. Contact: Dan Fulkerson,
  • Arete Law A.P.C. offers legal advice to individuals and businesses regarding COVID-19 restrictions. Contact: Phillip Mauriello Jr.,
  • Curran & Curran Law offers legal information regarding state and other COVID-19 guidelines Contact: Michael D. Curran, Esq./ATP 760-634-1229

Find Additional Freedom Loving Businesses and Jobs

  • lists businesses who do not require masks or vaccines for customers or employees and they also have job postings.
  • has a listing of freedom-oriented businesses.

Health Information

Be Informed

  • Tired of the mainstream media spewing fabrications and exaggerations of the truth? Check out Rational Ground for useful data not typically provided by standard news channels. 

Support for Schools & Students

  • Let Them Breathe is a group of concerned parents fighting for mask-choice in schools. You will find virtual events, in person events, and resources you can download and use now to lift the mandatory mask mandate for children in schools. Go to Let Them Breathe for more information and action steps.
  • Let Them Choose is an initiative of Let Them Breathe against forced school COVID-19 vaccine mandates.
  • Remain up to date on the status of San Diego’s schools on the ReOpen San Diego Unified Schools Facebook and be sure to share it with your friends and colleagues. 
  • Make Americans Free Again has information on homeschooling. To learn about weekly conference calls for parents wanting to get their kids out of schools, contact Pam Popper at
  • The Healthy American provides information on alternatives to public schools and training in the Freedom Learning method.

Vaccine Verification and Mask & Vaccine Mandates

Whether you have had the Covid shot or not, you can refuse to surrender your privacy rights. Let questioners know that it is your RIGHT to keep your personal medical information private.

Encourage businesses you frequent to respect privacy and welcome all.

Fight for your right to vaccine and mask-choice.

Why vaccine passports are a risk to human rights everywhere.