“ReOpen San Diego has been instrumental in advocating for human rights, and continues to fight tirelessly for the restoration of people’s God-given liberties. Amy, Diane, and Aly have led the way in building a non-partisan, thriving community whose members come from all backgrounds and walks of life. The love that runs throughout this organization is palpable. They treat EVERYONE equally, while boldly giving a voice to the voiceless (who are frequently marginalized and maligned.) The right to work — free of mandates that impede people’s basic rights to provide for their families – is an essential human liberty. This model non-profit passionately stepped up and led the way in education, outreach, and ACTION in fighting for the restoration of essential human rights.” – Mary

“If you still believe in the American Dream. If you believe in true empathy and looking out for your fellow man. If you believe in freedom and want to fight corruption then this is the group that we should all recognize and support. They are absolutely outstanding at everything they do, and they do it on a shoestring budget, with a handful of volunteers, and with more caring and heart than any other I have come across.  They deserve to be recognized and applauded for the blood, sweat, and tears they have put in and for always taking the high road and fighting hate with love and threats with kindness. A true grassroots organization, I have stood by them since the beginning and will not cease to support them and their cause; which is equal rights for all in America’s Finest City and beyond.” – Zeb

ReOpen San Diego has done a phenomenal job of providing solid truth and cares about San Diego and its people, and their businesses and employees. All they do is done respectfully and joyfully and tirelessly. They keep us informed and hold events where we can learn more about what we can do to keep our freedom and support businesses that respect their customers. Freedom is the core of ReOpen San Diego!” – Shelley