Volunteer Sign Up

Community Outreach

Help distribute flyers and information to raise awareness for ReOpen San Diego and get our message out in the community.

Public Policy Committee

Help advocate on behalf of local small businesses and schools. Develop relationships with and demand accountability from local lawmakers and get more people to speak at board of supervisors meetings. 


Whether you are a business or IT expert, lawyer, medical professional, want to take a leadership role on a committee or project, or want to do outreach and help at events, we would love to hear from you. ReOpen SD is growing rapidly and so is our need for volunteers. We currently need:

  • Visit or call businesses and ask to sign the Business Equality Pledge
  • Professional photographers & videographers
  • Staff outreach tables
  • Outreach Coordinator to set up coordinate outreach tables
  • Event Coordinator
  • And more! Let us know what skills you have and how you would like to help