Stand Up Against Discrimination

4 Steps you can take today!

1. Contact 5 businesses in your area and ask them to pledge not to refuse service based on vaccine status. They can sign the Business Equality Pledge here.

2. Download and print the Business Anti-Discrimination Sign and ask businesses to post it at their establishment.

3. See the list of businesses that have taken the pledge. Give them your business and thank them for standing up against discrimination.

4. Sign the Citizens Petition Against Discrimination Based on Vaccine Status

Script for Visiting Businesses

My name is _______.  I am a volunteer with ReOpen San Diego.  Is the owner or manager in?

We are a non-profit that started 2 years ago to fight against the lockdowns and for fully reopening San Diego with no mask or vaccine or other mandates.  We supported businesses staying open the whole time.

We saw how businesses who stayed open and respected their customers’ right to choose whether to wear face coverings or to get the vaccine did really booming business and continue to grow.  Can you really afford to turn away any customers, especially after how badly the mandates have harmed businesses?  Would you consider posting this sign to take a stand against discrimination? It can also really help your business image and attract customers.   (X businesses in your area have already posted it).

We represent over 20,000 people.  We have an anti-discrimination pledge on our website to welcome all customers regardless of face coverings or vaccine status. If you sign it, you will be listed on our website with over 200 other businesses that have signed up so far. If you take a picture with the sign posted, we will send that out to our email list of over 5,000 and ask them to support you. It’s free advertising! Your listing will be seen by thousands of people looking for freedom-loving businesses. 

You can see who has already signed up and add your name right now if you would like (open the Business Equality Pledge page on your phone)

Would you like to be added to our email list to get notified of our activities and ways we are fighting for businesses? You can join here (open the Newsletter Sign Up page on your phone and they can type in their name and email right there).

And here is a flyer with our website. is another great resource for you to list your business and they also have a job board (give them a flyer & show the listing of businesses on their app).

Do you know any other business owners who might be open-minded who we could talk to?

How to hand out an Anti-Discrimination sign:

Start positive. A smile goes a long way. Ask for the manager or owner. If they aren’t available, ask when they are usually in and when would be a good time to come and have a brief conversation. This is best done in person.

We suggest to start with businesses and owners you already know. When you get one to post it, go to their neighbors and tell them that the other business has already posted it. IMPORTANT: Get first name and email of any owner who posts a sign so you can add them to our email list here

Don’t leave a sign for the owner or staff unless they agree to post it.

If the owner or manager is there:

Be brief and respectful of time. Start with letting them know how much or why you like their business and how you have patronized it over the years (or another appropriate anecdote). Let them know you are passing out anti-discrimination signs for ReOpen San Diego, a group that fights for the rights of citizens and businesses in San Diego. Show them the sign and give them the information flyer.

Let them know we have over 200 businesses already signed up on our website and/or posted in their stores! Ask them if they will consider posting the sign and/or signing up on our website for FREE advertising. IF they seem interested, continue the conversation. You can even pull out your phone and show them the list of businesses at

If they are not interested, thank them for their time and ask them to keep ReOpen San Diego in mind for the future, especially if any more lockdowns happen. 

If owner is not in:

Tell the staff person who we are (see flyer)

Tell them we want the owner or manager to post the sign and sign the Business Equality Pledge on our website. Their business will be displayed for thousands of people who want to support freedom-loving businesses.

Leave them a flyer (but not a sign) to give to the owner or manager.

Ask if they would like to join our email list to be notified of our activities. On your phone go to our Newsletter Sign Up page  and they can type in their name and email right there.

Reach out to to:

  • Find out where you can pick up signs and flyers
  • If you have questions
  • Find another volunteer to team up with to do business visits
  • Share tips of what works well to contact businesses