‘ReOpen San Diego’ reacts to Mayor Gloria’s proclamation with their own

July 27, 2021

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – After a San Jose restaurant became the first in the state to require vaccinations for entrance, pediatrician and professor at UCSD Health, Christopher Longhurst, tweeted out a screenshot of the news, and added that he would personally become a patron at the first San Diego restaurant or bar that requires vaccination for entry.

Soon after, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria tweeted out that he would give a mayoral proclamation to the first business as well.

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Now, “ReOpen San Diego” has published a letter on their website entitled “We Stand Against Discrimination,” depicting this possible vaccine requirement as discrimination.

Mayor Bill Wells of El Cajon has also spoken out against requiring patrons to get vaccinated before entering an establishment.

ReOpen San Diego is now asking businesses to take a pledge against requiring vaccines for patrons, to which several businesses already have.