San Diego Freedom Market seeks to peacefully protest lockdowns and business closures

Posted: February 21, 2021

KEARNY MESA  (KUSI) – The San Diego Freedom Market is happening on Feb. 21, 2:30-8:30 p.m. bringing together locals who enjoy country DJ, unabashed dancing, local food vendors, and a wide array of local small businesses that have had their trade restricted during COVID-19.

Booths to sign petitions to recall Gov. Newsom and San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher will be available for guests.

California State Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, who has just published, “Recall Newsom: The Case Against America’s Most Corrupt Governor,” will speak at 5:30 p.m. and sign copies of his book.

Masks are optional at the outdoor event, noted Co-Organizers of ReOpen San Diego Aly Hartmann and Amy Reichert, who joined KUSI with more details on the event.

Organizers of the event want to peacefully protest lockdowns and business closures.

San Diego Freedom Market will be held at:

Encore Event Center
8253 Ronson Road
San Diego, CA